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Android Tablet

Android Phone and Tablet

Our Android spa mobile app has all the features you need to add, book, and check out clients. But its features don’t end there! It’s like a mini version of Orchid, right in your pocket, and while you’re out and about it might just become one of the best friends you have!


iPhone and iPad

The Orchid app frees you from doing all of your business at a computer. Find new clients while you’re out on the town and book them with just a few taps of the screen. Yes, it’s that simple! Our app is formatted especially for your iPhone or iPad to make managing your business on the run quick and easy.

Spa Software Mobile Apps

Book On the Go

The power to book from anywhere at any time, right at your fingertips! 24/7 access means just that. With our spa scheduling app you can view, add, or edit appointments at any time, without having to call in during business hours.

Go Ahead, Work From Home

Kick your feet up and enjoy that morning cup of joe. With over 25 of Orchid’s most popular reports, you can monitor your business’s activity from the comfort of your own living room.

Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Keeping up-to-date on your clients is vital to your success which is why we give you full access to their contact information, purchase history, and formula notes. You can add new clients, edit existing ones, or even call, text, or e-mail them right from the app!

No app? No problem!

Stay connected to your business even without the Orchid app. Secure website access is available anywhere you have an Internet connection and offers the same powerful spa booking features as the app!

Client Management

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