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Business Reporting

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Power Your Decision Making With Real-Time Reports

Orchid Spa Reports

Reports To Keep You On Track

Data will only benefit your business if you’re using it to make better decisions. Running real-time reports helps you indicate your spas best path for long-term growth, see key performance stats, and gather vital information.

Orchid’s ready-made reports include everything from sales, clients, products, services, marketing, employees, operations, marketing, and online booking. With Orchid you’ll always have easy access to all the data you need to – strategize, stay organized, and grow!


Product Sales Statistics

Don’t just guess how your retail products are selling, with Orchid product sales statistics report you can easily see which products are making you money! Filter reports for the dates you desire and see the quantity sold, wholesale cost pet item, total wholesale cost, gross profit, net profit, and grand totals.

Do you know what’s even more awesome about Orchid reporting? You can run these reports from any device, from your tablet to your cell phone – we won’t restrict you to be stuck reporting at the spa!


Employee Performance & Client Reports

See key employee performance information for sales, bookings, client retention to summarize the performance of a single employees revenue and profit. Choose the date range you desire and compare employees performance in real-time.

Wondering how many new clients you gained this month? How much each clients spent in total? We have you covered with heaps of pre-made client reports – see new client lists, no show reports, client spending, non-returning clients, and marketing referrals.

View Your Stats at a Glance

Your upcoming day is clearly represented in our new Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Upcoming Appointments, and more. Keep track of business health and stay informed of client retention, referrals, and sales benchmarks.

See at a glance how your employees are performing with the leaderboard for productivity, service sales, retail sales, total sales, and prebooked clients. Your dashboard is fully customizable, so you can set your personal business goals, and run it for the whatever dates you desire!

Orchid Reports

Sales Totals & Tax

Trying to get a total of your sales for the day can be overwhelming. With Orchid, this information is conveniently gathered in our reporting system under the “Sales Totals and Tax” report. Customize this report to show certain employees, choose graph format, and filter by whatever dates you desire!

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