Two-Way Texting

Two-Way Texting
Two-Way Texting

Two-Way Text Messaging

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Scales Personalized Client Relationships!

Easily send, receive, and reply to text message conversations in real-time, right from within Orchid!

In-App Notifications in Real-Time!

Provide clients with your SMS number and receive in-app notifications in real-time when a client texts you:

  • Questions regarding your spas opening hours
  • Inquiries regarding their upcoming appointment
  • Appointment requests for a particular stylist
  • Reschedule/cancellation requests

…and so much more!

Two-Way Texting
Two-Way Texting

Impress Clients With Speedy Replies

Reply to your client’s texts with a few simple clicks! Once you receive an incoming text notification, simply click the notification to bring up the two-way texting screen–conveniently located at the bottom of Orchid software.

Want to send a new text? Simply search by client name or phone number and write your new SMS message in the pop-up screen, or combine two-way texting with our Text Marketing feature to send text templates (pre-made or design your own), and send bulk automated or one-time texts to your clients, filtered by your desired criteria.

Two-Way Texting
Two-Way Texting

Communicate With Clients Anywhere, Anytime!

The Orchid’s mobile apps for Apple and Android will allow you to communicate with clients from anywhere, anytime!

  • View, send and reply to texts right from the “Messages” tab in the Orchid app
  • Allow for in-app and/or mobile notifications so you never leave client queries lingering
  • Include emojis in your text messages and receive photos to entice and engage clients 😀 💐💎💄💆🏾 🙌 🎂 🌼

Add Two-Way Texting To Your Campaign Mix Today!

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