Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

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Integrating Payments Means Faster Checkouts and More Margin

Makes Sense

Integrated credit card processing simplifies checkout – no more switching between systems as your client waits. Consolidated reporting means no more reconciling bank statements with closed tickets to determine if you’ve been paid for all your work. “Meet or beat rates” mean you save on every swipe!

All Credit Card Types

  What’s the Difference?

As a business owner, it’s easy to look at credit card processing and roll your eyes. Why care about this? Swipe the card, get paid. Your bank is happy to provide you with a solution that connects right to your business account. You can get free hardware from Silicon Valley startups. It’s hard to know what the right move is.

  • Lower rates mean more profits.
  • Faster checkout means happier customers.
  • Client is prompted for tip selection during checkout.
  • Affordable state-of-the-art signature capture device.
  • Secure card numbers in client profiles for membership billing!

  Do the Math!

If you process just $2,000 a week in credit card charges and are paying 1% more in your transaction rate, that means that you’re giving away over $1,000 every year! That’s money you could use to attract new customers, do emergency repairs or keep for yourself!

Let us help you understand what you’re currently paying. You may have been quoted a percentage rate, but are paying more than that in cases where clients buy over the phone (card not present) or you may be paying per transaction fees of 10, 20, even 30 cents for certain transactions. The devil is in the details, or in this case, the fine print. We can help you decipher your statement and determine your actual transaction rate.
Then we can beat it.

  Solid Security

Every transaction is PCI/PA-DSS validated and processed securely with the industry-leading security standards. Desktop checkout devices are EMV compliant, protecting both you and your clients from credit card fraud.

  Simple Setup

Your Orchid software comes complete with integrated credit card processing. Apply for CardConnect, and after a short application process, you’ll be accepting cards (at great rates) in no time, and closing tickets with a simple swipe.


  Works Anywhere

No need to be tethered to the front desk – accept credit cards at the chair with our free mobile chip reader hardware! Securely integrate your credit card processing within the Orchid mobile app with your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® mobile devices. Make money on the move.

  Independent Contractor Accounts

Independent contractors can set up credit card processing and have proceeds directly deposited into their own account. There’s no guesswork or messy transfers – Orchid spa software has your independent contractors covered!

  Sell Online Gift Cards

Boost revenue by selling gift cards to your clients through your online booking website – exclusive to CardConnect users!

Online gift cards are fully customizable and will allow you to:

  • Select your own logo, text, and theme for your online gift card page
  • Choose from suggested gift card amounts and/or allow custom amounts
  • Select from a variety of pre-designed cards to appear on your site
  • Upload your own custom designs to suit your business perfectly
  • Add any gift card policies for the order form and redemption email
Online Gift Cards

Get Started Now

Contact us to get started with integrated credit card processing. If you currently have a card processing provider and want the benefits of integrated payments, but are locked into a contract, we should talk. We want to help get you on a path to faster checkouts, happier clients, and more profit!

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