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The Top 4 Waxing Trends All Waxing Studios Need to Know

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In 2019, the spa and beauty salon industry was worth a staggering $66.16 billion. And with around 77,000 beauty salons in the U.S. today, competition for that income is fierce. Waxing studios need to stay on top of what their customers want to survive in a competitive sector. 

Though female waxing trends have waxed and waned over the years, the market has focused on intimate-area waxing for the past few decades. Now, we’re seeing exciting new features like advances in wax technology, full-body waxing, and even an increase in male waxing.

Read on for an overview of the trends beauticians and waxing professionals need to know in 2021.

1. A Wave of New Waxes

Wax manufacturers are getting experimental in recent years, releasing new and improved synthetic waxes and innovative products like wax beads.

Across the body wax studio industry, pine resin-based wax is quickly replaced by high-tech 100 percent or partially synthetic concoctions. They cause less skin irritation, stick better to the strands of hair (instead of the skin), and have lower melting points. Likewise, wax beads are popular because they’re easy to store, quick to melt, and you don’t need to use strips.

With conscious consumerism on the up, people are looking for ways to eco-ize their purchases. Waxing isn’t immune to this trend. Cue the rise in popularity of sugar wax over the past few years.

While standard waxing is already inherently more eco-friendly than other hair removal methods, sugaring goes one step further. Sugar wax is a sticky, gel-like paste made from lemon, water, and… you guessed it, sugar. It’s a technique that dates back centuries–Ancient Egyptians reportedly used honey.

Sugaring is great for Brazilians, a bikini wax, or customers plagued by ingrown hairs because it doesn’t pull on the skin cells and removes the hair right at the root.

2. Fun Shapes for Waxing Studios

From fun-shaped landing strips shaped into lighting bolts and stars to romantic love hearts, it seems there is no end to the symbols a Brazilian wax studio therapist might have to create. These shapes are sure to test the skills of even the most practiced esthetician.

Some beauty therapists frown on overly-complicated designs because they require them to wax against hair growth direction–something that can lead to ingrown hairs, blocked follicles, and acne. For those therapists, this adverse reaction is not worth adhering to a short-lived fad.

Of course, for every trend, there’s an equal and opposite in-thing. Salons across the U.S. have also noticed a growing “the barer, the better” movement when it comes to intimate-area waxing.

In 2018, clients were requesting to leave a little on the top. In 2021, customers are asking their esthetician to remove it all.

3. Full Body Waxing Is on the Rise

Whether you run a European wax studio or are inspired by other spa models, you’ve likely noticed an increase in bookings for full body waxing.

Full body waxing requires a lot of commitment from both the client and the practitioner. Plans usually include bikini or Brazilian, arms, legs, and back, and sometimes the face, and beauticians typically alternate between hard and soft waxes. Developing trusting client relationships is an essential aspect of this rising trend.

Where once beauty salons bundled waxing services into their full-service spa offerings, the increased desire for an entirely smooth body has even inspired a jump in the number of stand-alone waxing studios.

You may have experienced a drop-off in requests for longer-session full body waxing services due to nervousness around COVID-19. Reassure your clients by emphasizing your cleaning protocols, informing them of the services you do and don’t have, and how appointment bookings will be made.

The bare-all look has become so popular that men are getting in on the act. Some salons report around 10 percent of their clients are men, and that figure is rising fast. Overtaking the once common back or chest wax booking are requests for intimate waxing services.

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4. More Men Are Getting Waxed

Manscaping, Manzilians, and The Full Monty. Waxing for men is increasing in popularity so fast that there is now a plethora of new services on offer to cater to the male body.

Waxing for me was once limited to the world of bodybuilders, swimmers, and professional cyclists. Now, however, men are attracted to waxing for more than just practical reasons.  They’re enamored with waxing for much the same reasons as women.

Male waxing wants include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Saving time
  • Health benefits, like exfoliation
  • Sensuality

Pubic waxing, in particular, is snowballing. There’s also been an uptick in men interested in shaping their bushy brows with waxing.

Men’s hair tends to be coarser than women’s, and they’re less familiar with the waxing process. It’s essential to carefully brief male clients before they come into your salon.

Tell your male customers to trim their hair to half-a-centimeter long and gently exfoliate the waxing area one to two days before the appointment. They also need to start a skincare regime that includes daily moisturizing.

Since this is a burgeoning industry, many men are confused about which salons will accept male clients. If you offer male waxing, don’t be shy about sharing your services through text marketing, social media advertising, and your website.

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Know Your Clients Needs

Waxing, it seems, is fast becoming a need rather than a want, which is definitely great for waxing studios and spa owners!

If you focus on making your customers feel great about their bodies, your clients will return again and again no matter the trends that year. And smart marketing is essential to staying on top of what your customers want.

Take advantage of the free package trials offered by Orchid Spa Software to see if it’s the right marketing service for your spa.


5 Couples Spa Packages Ideas to Offer at Your Spa

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Spa treatments have long stopped being just a luxury for the elite. More and more people these days choose to treat themselves to occasional or regular spa visits. This means that spa owners like you have a huge opportunity to increase their customer base, but it also brings about fresh challenges.

At the same time, in fact, with spa services becoming more and more popular and accessible, the overall industry is also becoming a lot more competitive. Are you serious about staying ahead of the market in 2021 and beyond? Then look no further than couples spa packages.

Our guide will help you come up with unique and inspiring ideas for unforgettable spa treatments for two. Just keep reading, take notes, and get ready to absolutely wow your guests.

1. Let Them Be Pampered, and Pamper Each Other

When we think about a couple’s spa package, we normally picture a couple being pampered by a team of professional massage therapists and beauticians. But what if, alongside this, you also decided to offer your guests a brief training session, led by your best staff members?

You may wonder how this would work in practice. First of all, you could let your clients choose between head massage, full body massage, and reflexology. Then, your massage therapist will show them a simple, easy way to deliver the relaxing massage of choice to their other half.

Finally, your guests would simply replicate the techniques on their partner. The end result? Intimacy, romance, and care will be taken to the next level. We bet you that you hadn’t thought of this one, right?

2. Not Just for the Mom-to-Be

If you do a bit of research on ideas for spa packages, one thing will soon become pretty clear: almost every spa offers a mom-to-be package. But what about the dad-to-be? Relaxing in a safe way in pregnancy is paramount for the future mom, but helping the future dad to wind down is just as important.

After all, some major changes are happening and will continue to happen for partners, too, so why not offer them a well-deserved pampering break? Consider adding a pregnancy couples package that includes partners as well.

couples spa packages

What could you offer, in particular? While the expecting mom is having her prenatal massage, the dad could pick a treatment of choice to be performed in the same room. You might want to offer something that relaxes the muscles and the mind, in preparation for the great adventure of parenthood ahead.

Moms will love to have their partners nearby, too, as it might make them feel more comfortable and at ease, so this package is bound to be an all-round success.

3. Help Reignite the Spark

It’s common for couples to go through a bit of a rough patch, every now and then, or to be so busy and stressed that spending quality time together becomes a luxury rather than the norm. For these guests, what better way to reignite the flame of love than to stay at a stunning, secluded location for a few days and be pampered and looked after by a stellar staff?

couples spa packages

Think about crafting a spa package that has intimacy, relaxation, and romance at its very heart. What could you include? Aromatherapy, hot stone massage, and Indian head massage are all winning choices. 

Remember to add some romantic and luxurious touches here and there throughout their stay with you. For example, a complimentary bottle of bubbles, a candlelit dinner, and indulgent spa products to use in their room.

4. Romance and Relaxation for Seniors

Who says that, once you hit 50, romance and sensuality are dead? Show your most senior clientele that you support their desire to relax, restore, and recharge by offering a couple’s package exclusively for them.

Alongside some traditional types of spa treatments, you could offer some med spa treatment options, as well as a morning yoga session, complimentary Sunday brunch, and free access to an indoor heated pool. Trust us: senior couples will absolutely love this, and they might easily decide to repeat the experience more than once.

5. Play Cupid Any Day of the Year

Couples spa packages abound on special occasions such as Valentine’s day and Christmas, but a savvy spa owner knows best than to just limit themselves to those few days of the year. Why, then, not play Cupid with a luxury, all-inclusive spa package for couples who are about to get engaged, get married, or celebrate their anniversary?

couples spa package

If you want to make this even more memorable, you could offer the option to book the stay as a surprise for one of the partners. This could provide the perfect setting for a marriage proposal, as well as an unexpected and very romantic anniversary present.  

Launch One of These Unique Couples Spa Packages to Set You Apart From the Competition

Coming up with original, fun, and attractive ideas for successful couples spa packages that can make you stand out in a competitive industry is easy with our tips. 

The most important aspect to consider is the fact that couples come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, and they might seek your services while going through a very specific time. Whether it be pregnancy, some recent intimacy struggles, or the wish to feel rejuvenated despite the age, you can cater to their needs and expectations.

Naturally, adding brand new spa services to your facility means that you will need the best possible software to manage bookings and payments. Contact us today to find out more about our spa software products.

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How to Prepare Clients for your Reopening 

reopening spa

So you’ve been given the green-light to re-open the doors to your spa and allow clients back, you’ve exhaustively cleaned your salon and reviewed new sanitation guidelines with your staff. Now it’s time to initiate your spas marketing campaigns to clients helping prepare them for what to expect once they arrive for their post COVID-19 appointment. Staying open will not only require herculean cleaning efforts from your staff, but will also require your clients to adhere to new safety guidelines intended for suppressing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many of your clients have been confined to their homes for the past couple of months and will likely require some reassurance from you as a business that you are prepared to keep them safe.

In order to best prepare your clients for what the new normal will look like when they come in, they will need you to walk them through expectations. We here at Orchid Spa Software have compiled some best practices to consider when reaching out to your customers. Below you will find tips from our very own marketing team who want you to be best prepared in this stressful time.

What you need to be informing your clients on

spa cleaning   Reassure clients of your new cleaning protocols

services spa   What services will be available 

spa booking   How your clients should expect to book their appointment


Better your Email and Text Communications

Camilla, Orchid Campaigns Manager

The Covid-19 virus has many people reconsidering every interaction and as businesses begin to re-open across the US, keeping your clients informed is the key to maintaining your relationships and retaining client loyalty. Here are some tips to help you communicate effectively and win back your customers for a busy (and profitable!) reopening.

Email Communications

Catchy Subject Line – On average, email open rates are between 15-25%. As consumers inbox’s fill up – how do you get your email opened and engaged with over the competition? You need to stand out! The first step to a great email is a great subject line, in fact, 33% of email recipients will open emails because of a catchy subject line. Choose subject lines that create urgency, incorporate a question in your subject line to rise curiosity, use personalization by adding your client’s name, or end your subject line with an eye-catching emoji.

The Right Time – During a time of crisis, when you communicate with customers is as important as what you communicate. You can look at tons of statistics for the best day and time to send an email to your list, but my advice? Although these statistics can help you decide, its best to draw on your own data rather than just go by case studies. Start testing different send times or run reports for prior emails to see what days and times have performed well in the past. This is where a business management software with email marketing and open rate reporting capabilities can help!

The Right Tone – Now you have your catchy subject line in place and a good send time, you need to think about your brand’s tone. Recent weeks have been tough for everyone and as we try and navigate to a new normal, you need to communicate with empathy and transparency. As everyone is being flooded with emails regarding COVID-19, remain considerate in how often you’re sending your emails, make sure the goal of your email is to remain helpful and informative, and ensure you tailor your language to the situation as it evolves. 

spa reopening


Be Clear & Transparent – To maximize the impact of your email, make sure you have a clear goal in mind and keep that focus throughout your message. If your email campaign’s goal is to increase bookings for when you reopen, make sure your email has a clear call to action directing them to book an appointment through your online booking website, social media accounts, or by phone (however your business functions). Keep your emails short and to the point, with the most important information closest to the top. 

It’s impossible to predict what is going to happen, but whether your business is opening within the next few days or weeks – the above guidelines will help you start crafting your communication plan. Just remember to leave room to pivot as the situation changes and ensure you are always showing the humanity behind your business brand.

spa text campaign

Text Communications

While emails are a great way to communicate – texting is becoming more and more popular among businesses as it provides a greater sense of urgency, with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of being received. Utilizing text campaigns alongside your email campaigns is a great way to get the word out efficiently and reach more of your clients. 

If you are considering texting your clients regarding your business reopening, you will want to make sure your texts are brief and focused. When it comes to texting, your message should be no longer than 160 characters – so there isn’t room for any extra fluff. Make sure your text communications clearly state your focus for reopening your business and keep your frequency and timing appropriate to your client’s expectations.

Some other things to keep in mind when texting your clients? Get permission! Always make sure your clients have opted in to receiving your texts and always make sure they have a way to opt-out. This is where a business management software with text marketing capabilities can assist you in setting up an automatic system to allow clients to reply with a particular word such as “STOP” to opt-out. You can also encourage opt-ins via email marketing campaigns letting your clients know the value they will gain from receiving your text campaigns. 

spa web design

Optimize your Website for New Business Opportunities

Brock, Inkbook SEO Strategist 

Many of your existing clients know where to find your business and hopefully follow your social channels or are subscribed to your email list and are all set with how to book their appointment.. But you may see a surge of new clients as not all spas are prepared to open and sadly some may never reopen due to financial hardship from this pandemic. The first place these new clients will go to find you is with a search on google to find “spa near me”, this keyword is entered into google 301,000 times a month. Be prepared for increased traffic to your website and be sure your google ‘my business’ account has been updated with accurate address, phone number and link to your website. Additionally, once new users arrive at your website there are a few things you can do to capture new business.

 Once the new potential client arrives at your website’s homepage it takes about .05 seconds for them to establish an opinion about your website and evaluate whether or not you offer something they want to purchase. Normally a new client is just establishing whether you have potential to offer what they need, but new clients now are going to be primarily interested in finding businesses that are open. Additionally, 100% of your web visitors see the top hero space of your homepage, but as soon as they have to scroll down it drops to 66% which means your COVID “We’re OPEN” message needs to be above to fold in this hero space. Consider replacing your existing hero banner with covid specific language prompting them to see that you are open and ready to make appointments.

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Amplify your Message on Social

Bria, Inkbook Social Media Manager 

Building social awareness is the fastest way to reach your clients. Your clients are typically on social media, and itching to find out the next update on when you are reopening. Find a way to build momentum, by sharing some of your favorite styles you’ve done 2 weeks prior to opening. Share your excitement about how you can’t wait to style hair and do what you love! A week before reopening, give a date letting your customers know you are preparing to reopen for business. Let them know bookings are open and that you are ready to serve. Most importantly, let your clients know in a creative way, how you are staying clean. Create a fun video of you explaining how you clean your spa, and what you plan to do before and after each customer. Use your Instagram stories to share what you’re doing one by one. Because you are on social media, be open and honest. You want your client to be 100% sure that their stylist has their best interest in mind. Following these steps on social media, will have your salon up and running in no time! 

Now is the time to position your company for success if you have the opportunity to do so. Streamlined communication between you and your staff as well as to your clients will help set a strong foundation for you to propel your business forward. Clients will be nervous, your staff will be nervous and likely you as a business owner are nervous. Don’t ignore the nerves, acknowledge them and do your part to position your staff to follow health and safety guidelines and educate your clients on how they can adhere to those guidelines as well. We love seeing what business owners are doing to innovate during these uncertain times so connect with us via social and share the content you created to reopen and hopefully help you stay open.