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6 Essential Spa Marketing Strategies to Keep Momentum Rolling

spa marketing

Time spent at a spa is a wonderful treat for anyone and many potential customers are waiting. You can help them find your business with creative, effective spa marketing strategies.

If you’re ready for some great ways to market your spa, read on to learn 6 must-try spa marketing strategies to use that will boost your bottom line.

1. Local SEO

Potential clients will do much of their research on the internet. Whether they’re looking for a different spa or are completely new to the world of luxury treatments, it’s likely that these clients will turn to an internet search for ideas on which spa to try.

Make sure your business will show up in the first few listings for local spas. Claim your local listings using Google Places, Bing Places, and Yahoo Localworks. Setting up a profile and customizing it with regularly updated information and photos helps local clients find your business right away.

Another great way to boost local SEO is by creating and maintaining a blog that focuses on:

  • Your niche
  • Your specific community
  • Your services

This is a good opportunity to appeal to potential customers on a personal level. Your blog’s content can be tailored to fit the values and needs of people within your community.

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2. Invest in a Quality Website

Once visitors find you in a search, give them a clean, efficient, informative online experience. Your online presence will have a huge impact on your conversion rates.

This means that you can turn more casual visitors into paying customers simply by having a helpful and appealing website.

A great spa website:

  • Is SEO friendly
  • Has your contact information clearly displayed on every landing page
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Allows clients to book appointments online
  • Includes short, informative videos
  • States how your spa will benefit the client
  • Shows what sets your spa apart from others
  • Has a great “About” page introducing spa workers
  • Lists all services
  • Offers discounts and specials
  • Provides a way to join a client email list.

Visitors won’t give you a lot of time when they initially land on your site, so make sure you’ve made it uncluttered and visually appealing. This ensures you’ll get and hold their attention. It’s also important to provide quality, educational content for visitors. This gives potential clients the feeling that you’re there to help, not just to sell.

spa marketing

3. Use Video Spa Marketing

In a fast-paced, visually oriented world, videos are a marketing must. Their power goes far beyond the traditional TV commercial clip in today’s digital world. Video is everywhere, and it’s the preferred way of receiving content. Videos pack a lot of information in a short time slot, with very little effort required from the viewer.

Your videos can appear:

For a luxury spa, videos can be especially effective. Potential clients will see someone receiving a rejuvenating spa treatment or massage, or will get a quick but thorough explanation of spa services. Your spa looks professional and inviting in a simple, compelling video. Spa marketing strategies that include video marketing have a greater success rate than those who do not.

In fact, videos included in your marketing emails can boost click-through rates by a staggering 200-300%! When included in your website’s landing page, videos can give you an 80% increase in conversion rates. Those statistics are hard to ignore. Your marketing strategies should include video content whenever possible.

4. Utilize Social Media Spa Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching a broad and varied audience. It’s among the best spa marketing strategies because it’s personal, it’s budget-friendly, and it’s effective.

It works well for a number of reasons. There are 2 billion people using Facebook and nearly 800 million active users on Instagram. These are just two of many platforms. This demonstrates how vast your potential audience can be when using social media.

Social media helps you promote your business actively and passively. You put the effort into making informative, compelling posts and updates. Your followers then frequently “like” them and “share” them with their friends and family.

A post or update with a lot of likes and shares boosts your reputation and makes you seem worth a person’s time and consideration. While you can pay for ads on social media platforms, you’ll also get a lot of exposure by simply maintaining a business page that users can follow.

You can also offer promotional giveaways on social media that encourage people to enter by liking or sharing posts. This makes entry easy for them, so participation is increased.

marketing strategy

5. Partner with Non-competitive Local Businesses

The spa industry is all about promoting health and well-being. Because of this fundamental purpose, there are many local businesses that you can network with that share a similar mission.

Consider networking with:

  • Hairdressers and stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Holistic medicine practitioners
  • Chiropractors

These businesses will have clientele similar to your own. The same types of clients that seek their services would be likely to seek your services as well. This can be helpful to you in a number of ways.

These other businesses can recommend your spa to their clients. Since they’ve already established themselves to their clientele as a trustworthy business, these clients will be more inclined to give their recommendation a try.

There are also cross-promotion opportunities. It’s possible to attract more customers for one another with strategies like internal flyer distribution, business card distribution, and posted advertisements.

6. Good Old-Fashioned Superior Service

Those who seek spa treatment generally do so because they have an issue they need to be addressed. Offering superior solutions to client problems to establish your business as an inviting, top-notch service worth recommending.

When you have a satisfied client base, they’ll be quick to tell others about your spa. You can motivate them further by offering rewards to existing clients for referrals and specials to newly referred clients.

lady serving food

Spa Marketing Strategies that Work

Drawing new clients to your luxury spa isn’t complicated or difficult, but you have to be active and use the right avenues to get exposure. Using these strategies can quickly increase your visibility, resulting in more clients.

If you’re ready to boost your luxury spa marketing strategies and improve your business and client management systems, contact us today for more information.

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Tips on Formulating Spa Room Essential Oils

spa room essential oils

Did you know that a signature spa scent is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your spa from competitors? When you choose a unique scent that melds well with your spa’s brand, you’re creating a strong memory that customers will associate with your spa. 

The best part is that you can use your spa scent for other applications throughout your spa. Along with diffusing it in the air, it can be sprayed on towels, used in spa-scented candles, and more. 

Read on to learn all about spa room essential oils to create a fragrance that your customers won’t soon forget! 

spa room essential oils

Consider Your Spa

Before you begin creating your spa scent, you’ll first want to consider your brand and the message you want to convey. Consider why your customers are coming to your spa. It can be for any or all of these reasons: 

  • Tranquility
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Self-esteem
  • Romantic bonding

If many of your customers are couples that are coming in for a massage session, you may want to consider a more romantic signature scent that features jasmine and vanilla. Older customers who are seeking a respite from their day and want a relaxing hour may respond better to lavender.

Lastly, younger athletes who need deep tissue massages and more energy for the day may respond to a relaxing yet energizing scent of lavender and citrus. 

spa room essential oils

Start Experimenting

Essential oils are pure extracts of plants or the “essence” of the plant itself. These extracts are then combined with a carrier oil in order to create the product we’re familiar with today. No matter what scent you choose, essential oils are known to reduce stress, inflammation, and also help people sleep better. This is why we recommend essential oils for your signature scent above perfumes. 

In order to discover the best signature scent, we recommend purchasing small spray bottles. Label the bottles with the essential oils you’re using and aim to use eight to twelve drops in total. You can use an equal amount of drops for each scent or even experiment with three at a time. 

Once you’ve placed the essential oils in the spray bottle, fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Shake it up and spray it in one area of your spa. See how it smells in the air as well as on your skin and on towels. 

spa room essential oils

Using Your Signature Scent

Once you’ve discovered your signature scent, we recommend using a cold air diffuser for the best way to diffuse your scent. These diffusers help retain the therapeutic benefits of the scent, and they also look attractive. Many come with different light settings, automatic shut off features, and aren’t noisy. 

In order to help people associate the scent with your spa, don’t forget that you can use it in a variety of applications. You can create candles that feature your scent as well as spray them in hand towels. You can even sell your signature scent in the form of reed diffusers, bedroom sprays, and other spa products so that customers are able to enjoy your signature scent at home. 

Your scent can even be used as welcome gifts for new customers. Consider giving customers a high-quality hand towel with a small roller ball of your signature scent. They’ll be able to use it as a travel perfume no matter where they go. 

Scent Combination Ideas

If you’re struggling to discover a winning spa scent essential oil recipe, here are a few common ones you can start off with. Remember that you can tweak them to your liking until you find the perfect scent for your spa. 

Fragrance of Love

Ylang-ylang and jasmine are often fragrances associated with love and joy. They pair well with scents such as sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, and geranium. 

Fragrance of Energy

Citrus scents such as lemon and orange are a great way to introduce some energy to a space. They also pair well with lavender for a relaxing touch. Geranium and clary sage also pair well with lavender. 

Fragrance of Femininity

Light floral fragrances are often associated with femininity. Consider blending bergamot with roman chamomile and lavender if your spa appeals to women. 

Fragrance of Home

If you’re looking for a cozy scent that welcomes people inside the spa and evokes memories of home, this combination may be right for you. Vanilla, cinnamon, and clove bud blend together for a warm fragrance that’s perfect for winter. 

Fragrance of Forest

If you’re looking for a signature scent that’s primarily geared towards men, you can’t go wrong with a mixture of sandalwood, white fir, and cypress. These scents are muskier and evoke memories of warm fires and forests. 

Fragrance of Relaxation

A spa that promotes feelings of calm, tranquility, and relaxation can’t go wrong. A blend of citrus oils, ylang-ylang, lavender, and blue tansy can help your clients wind down. Consider adding a drop or two of patchouli for an even more relaxing scent. 

Spa Room Essential Oils: Discovering Your Signature Scent

By using spa room essential oils to discover your spa’s signature scent, you’re well on your way to helping differentiate yourself from competitors. Through the careful application of scent throughout your spa and in your products, customers will soon tie together the smells with the memory of their relaxing experience.

Not only does this help them remember your spa in the future when they’re looking for additional services, but they’ll also be more likely to recommend your spa to friends and family. 

Ready to make your spa an even more memorable experience through the smart application of spa software? Connect with us today to learn about our software’s capabilities!

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The 2020 Small Business Saturday Marketing Checklist

small business saturday

After a year like 2020, it feels like small businesses deserve a full week dedicated to their support and success. Nevertheless, Small Business Saturday poses an important opportunity for spas to promote their shops, boost sales and raise awareness for their current offerings and availability. As the pandemic progresses, many consumers recognize the importance of supporting their local businesses and want to help – so it’s important that spas communicate how customers can best engage with them. Owners don’t want to miss out on a sale or goodwill due to lack of visibility.

With November 28 only a couple weeks away, follow our simple checklist to make this Small Business Saturday pandemic friendly.

Offer Special Services

Many small businesses are still recovering from the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, so offering discounts may not be the best move for business. Instead, spas should skip the discounts, maximize all the revenue they can and offer special services instead. For instance, for customers who are reluctant to shop in person, you can offer curbside pickup or at-home delivery. Create specific offerings around these services, such as a bundle of spa products that can be packaged neatly along with promotional materials. Providing creative and convenient services to celebrate the holiday is a great way to show customers you want their business.

Stock Up On Gift Cards

During the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, many consumers purchased gift cards to show support for their favorite local businesses, even when they couldn’t shop there in-person. Knowing a second wave may be on its way, customers may do the same this Small Business Saturday. Give shoppers the option to purchase a customized gift card with your store’s logo to raise brand awareness and build in repeat business.

gift card

Highlight Memberships

While big discounts may not be the go-to marketing strategy this year, spas may want to offer small discounts for customers that sign up for membership services. For instance, if customers keep their card on file or sign up for unlimited facials over five months, there should be a small financial incentive – and you benefit by knowing you’ll have recurring business.

Create And Update Your Online Presence

Knowing that consumers may be less comfortable with in-person shopping experiences this year, spas should make sure that A) they have a website, B) their website is up to date with all their current offerings, products and store hours, and C) that customers can book out appointments in advance. Websites should also look polished and professional – to reflect the business accurately – and include Small Business Saturday marketing materials.

Online Booking

Prepare Your Space

If your business will be open for in-person shopping on Small Business Saturday, make sure you are prepared for an increase in foot traffic. Consider marking six-foot increments on the floor so customers know how to socially distance in line. Increase store hours and have extra employees come in to help count customers, take temperatures and hand out masks as needed. Most important, if you have outdoor space – whether it’s a patio or a converted parking lot – maximize its layout and availability. To accommodate longer lines or wait times, rent some space heaters, tables and chairs.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday should bring the community together, so see if there is a way to partner with complementary stores, restaurants or charities to cross-promote your businesses. For instance, if your customers need to stay outside in accordance to social distancing guidelines, see if you can partner with a nearby coffee shop or brewery so they can enjoy a beverage while they wait.

Send Out Email Blasts

Even if your spas isn’t in the position to offer special discounts or to host more foot traffic, you should take advantage of Small Business Saturday buzz. Take the opportunity to remind customers and prospects that your business is indeed open, what your hours are, and how you are following state-issued guidelines to ensure safety at your spas. If your business is doing something special for Small Business Saturday, email is an inexpensive way to spread awareness and market your promotions ahead of the day. Keep the email short, sweet and festive with a clear subject line (e.g., “A Special Offer for You this Small Business Saturday”).

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Start promoting your Small Business Saturday activity on social media today so your followers know where to go – online or in person – on November 28. Leverage hashtags related to the holiday to raise visibility and consider starting a social media competition. And don’t forget to showcase your social media handles on any business cards, promotional materials and on your website!

Small Business Saturday may look a bit different this year, but spas should still take advantage of the opportunity to market their services, increase visibility and ideally boost sales when they need it most.

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6 Med Spa Treatments That Will Take Your Spa to the Next Level

med spa treatments

Are you opening up a med spa? Are you wondering what you can do to ensure that your med spa stands out from the competition?

If you’re looking to take your spa to the next level, one of the best things you can do is offer stellar med spa treatments. What treatments should you be offering?

Check out this guide to discover the top med spa treatments that will take your clinic to the next level. 

1. Botox 

When opening a med spa, Botox absolutely needs to be on the menu.

The number of Botox treatments in the US has skyrocketed over the past decade. In the last 10 years, there’s been a 40.6% increase in procedures. In 2017 alone, there were over 1.5 million Botox treatments carried out. 

The botox procedure involves injecting botulinum toxin into the skin to help reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate a mature-looking face. There are several different types of botox, including Dysport, Myoboc, and Xeomin. 

med spa treatments

You should research the pros and cons of each of these treatments before deciding which ones to offer at your med spa. Many med spas like to offer all four so that their clients have a range of options to choose from. 

In addition to Botox, many med spas also offer derma fillers to treat clients who want to enhance the youthful appearance of their skin. However, while Botox helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, derma fillers add fullness to areas of the face that have thinned out due to aging. 

2. Laser Hair Removal 

More and more people are opting for laser hair removal as an alternative to shaving and waxing. Shaving and waxing are time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. Plus, shaving and waxing often result in bumpy, itchy skin. 

This treatment has become so normalized into culture as an option, removing the stigma of showing up for one’s first appointment. If you are thinkinging of adding this treatment to your med spa treatments list be sure to have an open, warm, and welcoming staff that can educate curious patients on what the process really entails.

med spa treatments

This is a treatment built for return customers as multiple sessions spaced apart across a year is the commitment your patient is signing up for. Our bodies are constantly shedding hair and pushing out new growth, depending on the location to be treated you should be seeing these clients every 4-6 weeks for up to 6-12 sessions. Getting your client to stay regimented with their scheduling is every medspa owners nightmare, so be sure to have a booking system that can automate reminders

3. Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are another great way for your clients to improve the appearance of their skin. A chemical peel can be performed on the neck, hands, and face. 

med spa treatments

During a chemical peel, the outermost layer of skin is removed to reveal a layer of fresher, younger-looking skin. Chemical peels are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Treating wrinkles caused by sun damage
  • Reducing fine lines under the eyes and mouth
  • Reducing freckles, dark patches, and age spots
  • Improving the appearance of mild scars
  • Improving the overall look and feel of your skin
  • Treating certain kinds of acne 

Chemical peels are a great option for clients who want to improve their skin without having anything injected into it. We suggest that you offer a variety of chemical peels at your med spa so clients can easily find one to suit their needs. Here are some of the different types of chemical peels:

  • Glycolic acid peel
  • Lactic peel
  • Beta peel
  • Vitalize peel
  • TCA peel
  • Retinol peel
  • Mandelic peel
  • Vitamin C peel
  • Salicylic acid peel

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of peels for your med spa to offer. 

4. Microneedling

Microneedling is becoming so popular that many beauty companies are even offering at-home microneedling solutions. We suggest offering microneedling to your clients, as it’s hundreds of times more effective and potent than the at-home versions. 

microneedling spa treatments

Microneedling involves inserting very tiny needles into the surface of the skin. By doing so, a controlled injury is created and the skin is prompted to rejuvenate. Microneedling can help boost collagen production, reduce mild acne scarring, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and improve the skin’s overall texture. 

Most people benefit from 4 to 6 microneedling sessions that are spaced 1 to 2 months apart. 

5. Microdermabrasion

Many people confuse microneedling with microdermabrasion, however, the two procedures are very different. Microdermabrasion is essentially an intense form of exfoliation. 

No needles are involved in the procedure. Rather, a minimally-abrasive device is used to gently sand the top layer of the skin. This helps to remove the uneven outer layer of the skin to reveal the younger-looking layer underneath. 

Microdermabrasion can help with skin discoloration, light scarring, and sun damage. It can also clear out your pores, brighten your complexion, and smooth out the surface of the skin. 

6. Body Sculpting 

Body sculpting is another great treatment to offer your clients. Body sculpting is perfect for clients who want to get rid of excess fat but don’t qualify for liposuction. 

With body sculpting, a suctioning device pulls in portions of the skin. Then, the device cools the skin to destroy the fat underneath it. Clients can receive this procedure on many parts of the body, including the arms, chin, abdomen, thighs, and love handles. 

In addition to targeting fat cells, body sculpting also helps to tighten the skin. This way, your clients won’t be left with loose, sagging skin after their treatment. 

med spa treatments

Med Spa Treatments: Which Ones Will You Offer? 

Now that you know about the top med spa treatments, it’s time to figure out which ones you want to offer at your clinic. With the right spa treatments, you’ll be able to attract more and more clients. 

Of course, you’re also going to need a software program that will allow you to keep track of all of these treatments and the clients that book them. Contact us today to learn more about our med spa software program.

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How To Boost Business During the Summer Slowdown: Part 2

spa business

While summer may mean vacations and cookouts for most people, for business owners it can mean slower days at the spa. In response to this dreaded shift, we published part one of our tips series last month, which offers tactics to boost sales during the infamous summer slowdown.

Since it can never hurt to have more fresh ideas to try out in case business starts to slow down as the temperature heats up, we came up with five more tips for keeping revenue rolling in during summer—and beyond.

  1. Don’t jump to cutting prices

It’s tempting to cut prices during the summer months to try to boost traffic, but that ultimately reduces your profits. Instead of selling items for less than their value, try to increase the perceived value of your spa services in the eyes of your customers. For example, instead of discounting your facials, sell them at full price and then add in a free head massage. This increases customer loyalty by making your customers feel like you’re going out of your way to give them the VIP treatment

If your spa uses Orchid Spa Software, be sure to use the email marketing feature to send out these deals to your entire client base automatically!

  1. Sell more memberships

The one exception to cutting prices is when it comes to selling memberships, as they are a great way to encourage repeat customers. A membership deal gives your clients a good price on bulk services, and helps your estheticians strengthen their relationships with clients. Whether you’re offering four facials for the price of three or monthly massages for a set price, you can ensure that your favorite clients will visit your spa more often, keeping your estheticians busy.

With Orchid Spa Software, you can make it easy to set up monthly payments for customers that want to join your membership program. The system even keeps track of which memberships are still active, simplifying the process for you and your clients.

spa sales

  1. Learn the art of upselling

Increase your sales this summer season by upselling to your customers. Encourage your estheticians to try out new skin care products on their clients and explain the benefits of each product. Everyone loves the way their skin looks after a facial, so if customers learn that they can continue to see those improvements at home, they might leave with a bottle of their own.

Another way to upsell is to offer product bundles. Products like moisturizer and toner go hand in hand, so display these together at your spa to encourage customers to buy both. Taking the extra step of adding some festive Fourth of July packaging to physically bundle the products together as a set will attract even more attention.

Another smart way to bundle products is by selling less popular products in a set with your top sellers. This will make sure that merchandise is constantly flowing—and your customers might even discover a new favorite product. With Orchid Spa Software’s inventory management capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly discover how well each of your products are selling to identify which ones can be bundled and which ones are your customers’ favorites.

  1. Hold a social media contest

Rev up excitement for your spa business during the summer with a social media contest. Social contests can help improve customer engagement and loyalty, and boost your business’ visibility.

Take advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities and holidays to promote your contest. Brainstorm a couple of different ways to create excitement for your services on social media by tying it into some summer fun. For example, you can offer a discount to the customer who shares the best photo of their daily skin care routine for the summer or to the customer who tags you in photos of them relaxing on the beach post massage.

When your customers are tagging your spa in the photos they share, it will help you reach a wider audience and ideally encourage their followers to make an appointment. Set up online booking with Orchid Spa Software so that as soon those new followers find out about your business, they can quickly and easily book an appointment.

spa social media

  1. Partner with a new business

In addition to marketing and sales tactics, you could also try to partner with another local small business to boost sales and traffic for both parties during the summer months. The partnership might entail you offering customers who spend $25 at your business another $25 in credit with your partner, and vice versa. For example, you can partner with the café next door to offer a free lunch with the purchase of a facial to give your customers a true “treat yourself” day. Not only do these offers incentivize buyers to visit both shops, but it may also introduce each business to an audience it might not otherwise come into contact with.

Summertime can be a really trying season for business owners struggling to get people away from the beach and into the spa. But with these marketing and sales tips, spa owners will be able to attract customers—new and old—and enjoy the summer months as much as their clientele.

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How To Boost Business During the Summer Slowdown: Part 1

Summer Slowdown

Summertime is nearing, and while that means beach trips, ice cream, and cookouts for most people it can mean slower days at the spa for business owners. This infamous summer slowdown comes as a result of more than half of your customers going away on vacation or simply trying to maximize the time they’re spending outside, according to a survey by Bankrate.

So, while you may end up with fewer customers coming through your door as the temperature rises, don’t let this summer slump keep you up at night! Instead, follow these four strategies, which will not only help combat the slow traffic but could also make a huge difference in how much revenue your spa brings in this summer.

  1. Offer seasonal promotions

Your customers’ needs change in the summer. Think of the kinds of activities they have planned for the summer and create promotions for your services that support those activities. For instance, offer combo packages for body waxing or a foot renewal treatment for sandal season. While those are practical summer spa services, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your promotions, too.

In the weeks leading up to the 4th of July, buy some festive decorations that make coming into the spa as fun as a family cookout.

summer slowdown

  1. Try something new

Summer gives people an adventurous spirit. If there’s a unique service that you’ve been nervous to roll out, this might be the season to give it a try. For example, if you’ve been considering offering salt therapy treatments, suggest them to your most loyal customers at a discount. Take some photos of your new salt cave to show off on Instagram and draw in new customers.

With your customers having a lot going on in the coming months, coming into the spa might not be top of mind. But rolling out marketing for a brand-new service might pique their interest and bring them in.

  1. Check in with your customers

Between vacation plans and last-minute trips to the beach, there’s a higher chance that your customers might forget their appointments. It’s important that you check in with them a bit earlier than you normally would ensure they’re thinking about their appointments while planning out the rest of their summer.

If you have an online booking software, like Orchid Spa, you can do this with ease by adjusting when you want to send out automated text reminders. An early appointment reminder could mean avoiding costly no-shows on sunny summer days.

If it has been a while since some of your regular customers have made an appointment, you can also use software like Orchid Spa to send an automated email encouraging them to come in. The software tracks which of your customers haven’t been in recently, and can automatically send them a promotional coupon to try and get people in the door. For example, messages like, “We haven’t seen you in a while! Here’s 20% off your next visit,” work wonders in keeping your spa top of mind for customers.


Recurring Marketing ELO

  1. Analyze your business performance

In addition to being the official start of summer, June also marks the midway point of the year. Take some time to analyze your reports and do a mid-year review of your products and services. What you find may surprise and inspire you to change things up at your spa.

Identify what your best and worst sellers are and make adjustments accordingly with your marketing tactics and staffing schedules. Giving your customers more of what they want can result in increased sales and set you up for success for the second half of the year.

By trying out some new marketing campaigns or adding new services, you can make your spa an enjoyable place for your customers, so they won’t mind missing out on a couple of hours in the sun. And with more customers coming through the door, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about any lasting effects of the summer slowdown.

Stay tuned for part two of our summer slowdown blog series for more business-boosting tips!