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6 Essential Spa Marketing Strategies to Keep Momentum Rolling

spa marketing

Time spent at a spa is a wonderful treat for anyone and many potential customers are waiting. You can help them find your business with creative, effective spa marketing strategies.

If you’re ready for some great ways to market your spa, read on to learn 6 must-try spa marketing strategies to use that will boost your bottom line.

1. Local SEO

Potential clients will do much of their research on the internet. Whether they’re looking for a different spa or are completely new to the world of luxury treatments, it’s likely that these clients will turn to an internet search for ideas on which spa to try.

Make sure your business will show up in the first few listings for local spas. Claim your local listings using Google Places, Bing Places, and Yahoo Localworks. Setting up a profile and customizing it with regularly updated information and photos helps local clients find your business right away.

Another great way to boost local SEO is by creating and maintaining a blog that focuses on:

  • Your niche
  • Your specific community
  • Your services

This is a good opportunity to appeal to potential customers on a personal level. Your blog’s content can be tailored to fit the values and needs of people within your community.

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2. Invest in a Quality Website

Once visitors find you in a search, give them a clean, efficient, informative online experience. Your online presence will have a huge impact on your conversion rates.

This means that you can turn more casual visitors into paying customers simply by having a helpful and appealing website.

A great spa website:

  • Is SEO friendly
  • Has your contact information clearly displayed on every landing page
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Allows clients to book appointments online
  • Includes short, informative videos
  • States how your spa will benefit the client
  • Shows what sets your spa apart from others
  • Has a great “About” page introducing spa workers
  • Lists all services
  • Offers discounts and specials
  • Provides a way to join a client email list.

Visitors won’t give you a lot of time when they initially land on your site, so make sure you’ve made it uncluttered and visually appealing. This ensures you’ll get and hold their attention. It’s also important to provide quality, educational content for visitors. This gives potential clients the feeling that you’re there to help, not just to sell.

spa marketing

3. Use Video Spa Marketing

In a fast-paced, visually oriented world, videos are a marketing must. Their power goes far beyond the traditional TV commercial clip in today’s digital world. Video is everywhere, and it’s the preferred way of receiving content. Videos pack a lot of information in a short time slot, with very little effort required from the viewer.

Your videos can appear:

For a luxury spa, videos can be especially effective. Potential clients will see someone receiving a rejuvenating spa treatment or massage, or will get a quick but thorough explanation of spa services. Your spa looks professional and inviting in a simple, compelling video. Spa marketing strategies that include video marketing have a greater success rate than those who do not.

In fact, videos included in your marketing emails can boost click-through rates by a staggering 200-300%! When included in your website’s landing page, videos can give you an 80% increase in conversion rates. Those statistics are hard to ignore. Your marketing strategies should include video content whenever possible.

4. Utilize Social Media Spa Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching a broad and varied audience. It’s among the best spa marketing strategies because it’s personal, it’s budget-friendly, and it’s effective.

It works well for a number of reasons. There are 2 billion people using Facebook and nearly 800 million active users on Instagram. These are just two of many platforms. This demonstrates how vast your potential audience can be when using social media.

Social media helps you promote your business actively and passively. You put the effort into making informative, compelling posts and updates. Your followers then frequently “like” them and “share” them with their friends and family.

A post or update with a lot of likes and shares boosts your reputation and makes you seem worth a person’s time and consideration. While you can pay for ads on social media platforms, you’ll also get a lot of exposure by simply maintaining a business page that users can follow.

You can also offer promotional giveaways on social media that encourage people to enter by liking or sharing posts. This makes entry easy for them, so participation is increased.

marketing strategy

5. Partner with Non-competitive Local Businesses

The spa industry is all about promoting health and well-being. Because of this fundamental purpose, there are many local businesses that you can network with that share a similar mission.

Consider networking with:

  • Hairdressers and stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Holistic medicine practitioners
  • Chiropractors

These businesses will have clientele similar to your own. The same types of clients that seek their services would be likely to seek your services as well. This can be helpful to you in a number of ways.

These other businesses can recommend your spa to their clients. Since they’ve already established themselves to their clientele as a trustworthy business, these clients will be more inclined to give their recommendation a try.

There are also cross-promotion opportunities. It’s possible to attract more customers for one another with strategies like internal flyer distribution, business card distribution, and posted advertisements.

6. Good Old-Fashioned Superior Service

Those who seek spa treatment generally do so because they have an issue they need to be addressed. Offering superior solutions to client problems to establish your business as an inviting, top-notch service worth recommending.

When you have a satisfied client base, they’ll be quick to tell others about your spa. You can motivate them further by offering rewards to existing clients for referrals and specials to newly referred clients.

lady serving food

Spa Marketing Strategies that Work

Drawing new clients to your luxury spa isn’t complicated or difficult, but you have to be active and use the right avenues to get exposure. Using these strategies can quickly increase your visibility, resulting in more clients.

If you’re ready to boost your luxury spa marketing strategies and improve your business and client management systems, contact us today for more information.

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Floating: A New Spa Trend. Why You Should Offer Float Therapy

float therapy

You can float on air, float through life, float like a balloon, or float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. But have you ever heard of float therapy?

Floatation tanks are the latest, greatest trend in holistic spas. They’re making such a splash on the national stage that professional athletes are flocking to them. In fact, football great Tom Brady has one in his home.

So what is all the floating fuss about? Read on to learn more about float therapy–and whether or not they will float your customers’ boats!

Floatation Therapy 101

In float therapy, you spend roughly an hour inside a small, light-proof, soundproof tank filled with highly salinated water. It’s an experience not unlike being in the womb, and it can have remarkable effects on both the body and the mind.

You can think of floatation therapy as an Epsom salts bath on steroids, or as a miniature version of the Dead Sea. A bath of soothing, warm water liberally laced with Epsom Salts, otherwise known as magnesium sulfate, has long been known as a fantastic way to ease sore muscles and help the soaker relax.

Some proponents of float tanks claim that our bodies can absorb magnesium directly from the Epsom salt-infused water, but scientific evidence to back this up is pretty spotty. Regardless, the sheer amount of magnesium sulfate dissolved in the water–an astonishing 1,000 lbs.–provides a buoyancy bordering on weightlessness. It’s as close as most of us, with the notable exception of astronauts, will ever come to experiencing zero gravity.

Along with the slippery, silky sensation of the salt water and the sensory deprivation experience of being in a pitch black and soundproof space, this weightlessness creates an incredible experience.

float therapy

What Does the Science Say?

Researchers are still studying the physiological effects of floatation therapy. What we do know is that the reduction of outside stimuli can help break our bodies free of stress reactions like “fight or flight” mode. That, in turn, can lessen the impact of all types of stress, including hard workouts.

Other studies indicate that float therapy may result in:

  • A decrease in depression and anxiety
  • Deeper, higher-quality sleep
  • Less pain
  • Increased optimism
  • Faster muscle recovery (and therefore growth)
  • Faster reaction times
  • Improved overall athletic performance
  • Decreased levels of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone
  • Higher levels of endorphins

Spending time in this weightless water can also make subsequent treatments, like physical therapy or massage, even more effective. That’s because floating primes the muscles, making them warm and loose.



What Does Floating Feel Like?

In addition to these research-based discoveries, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence, from high-performance athletes and regular folks alike, attesting to the benefits of float therapy.

They say that the “sensory deprivation” description is actually something of a misnomer. In fact, it’s more akin to “sensory enhancement,” at least when it comes to the sensation of one’s own heartbeat and breathing.

Without external stimuli like air temperature, ambient noise, odors or scents surrounding us, or the tactile sensation of sitting on a couch or lying in a bed, it’s easier to turn our focus inward.

A meditative, even trance-like state, therefore, becomes easy to achieve–even for those who struggle to calm their breathing or empty their mind adequately enough to meditate under normal circumstances.

The link between floating and meditation is two-fold: it’s easier to enter the meditative state while in the tank, but that experience helps build the neural pathways. This makes it easier to meditate even once you’re dried off and going about your normal life. And the benefits of meditation are becoming widely known, as science turns its focus on this ancient practice.

Floaters say that they feel calm, centered, incredibly relaxed, even Zen-like when they emerge from their magnesium-filled cocoon. Users report a refreshed feeling, as though they’ve had the most restful sleep of their lives. In fact, many people do fall asleep while they float.

float therapy


Are There Any Drawbacks to Float Therapy?

Medical spa owners and floatation therapy clinic directors say that some clients experience claustrophobia or fear when first entering a float tank. To minimize that discomfort, there are tanks available that aren’t fully closed or that secure privacy with a curtain rather than a door.

It can also take a while for some folks to get accustomed to floating. It’s a very different experience than anything else, after all. Even when you are floating in a pool or lake, for example, you are still dealing with a ton of sensory input: the warmth of the sun, the splashing of the water, the scents of chlorine, sunscreen, or grilled meats from your neighbor’s barbecue, and so on.

Being weightless, surrounded by water that’s the same temperature as your body and the air, with no sound or light penetrating your senses, is an entirely new sensation. For some people, it’s hard to relax and settle in.

Lastly, people who experience motion sickness or nausea when at sea might not take to floating easily. Even in these cases, though, advocates of float therapy say the discomfort is usually minimal and temporary.

After one float session, and sometimes even sooner, the body becomes accustomed to the sensations. It can then relax and reap all of the benefits.

Final Thoughts on Floating

Of course, for spa owners who are already operating on thin profit margins, the purchase and maintenance of a floatation tank might not be in the budget. A commercial-grade tank can cost up to $40,000.

For each float therapy session, you can charge up to $100 or so, depending on how long the session is. Promotional discounts and float-club memberships are a great marketing tool since they make the price more attractive for customers and increase traffic and loyalty for you. Naturally, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision about whether or not this investment is the right one for your spa.

Whether or not a float tank is in your spa’s future, increased profits can be! Contact us to find out more about how spa software can help boost your bottom line.

float therapy

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Customer Spotlight: Laser Spa Group

Bozana Skojo was recently awarded the title of Software Savant in DaySmart’s 2021 Small Business Brilliance Awards. This recognition honors customers known for their resourcefulness, who leverage their dynamic DaySmart toolkit to continue driving business forward even amid challenging circumstances.

The owner of Laser Spa Group in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, Bozana is committed to providing her clients the highest quality of care. We recently spoke with her to learn more about how her software investments help her achieve this mission, especially amid the disruption of the pandemic.

Q: To start, we’d love to learn a little more about your business. What sets it apart from others?

A: When I opened Laser Spa Group 18 years ago, we were the first spa in our area to offer laser treatments. We’ve since performed over 75,000 treatments to date, on about 10,000 clients. Our staff of nine aesthetic professionals have a combined 150 years of experience, and we also offer professional development courses for aestheticians and nurses to enhance their careers.

Q: How long have you been using Orchid? What inspired you to start using the software?

A: I’ve been a loyal user for 11 years now! I was a one-person show when I first opened my business, so as I got busier, I needed help with managing client information and treatment packages. At the time, all I needed was a way to track their services and where they were at in their treatments, and a good scheduling calendar. As we expanded our staff though, we needed a digital platform that could grow with us.

Q: What has been your experience with the software?

A: Orchid offers us convenience. We can create notes on laser settings or treatment parameters in clients’ profiles, which the receptionists can use when they call in to book an appointment so there’s no guessing at which treatment was suggested for them or what it’ll cost. Once we launch our new website, we’ll add the online booking feature, which will alleviate congestion on the phone lines further. We can have up to 30 clients come through the clinics each day, so it’s important to have as many operations streamlined as possible so that we can function efficiently.

The email marketing features have been invaluable. It’s a great way to alert clients to flash sales and monthly promotions and to generate interest in products or services that they might have always wanted to try or that they didn’t even know we offered. We also use Orchid to track coupon activations, to monitor which offers are working best, and loyalty points. Our goal is to execute as much marketing interactions as we can with clients to encourage repeat business.

It’s also been great to have Orchid’s immediate support whenever a member of my staff needs help troubleshooting, especially for new hires who are learning the system. I’ve been contacted by other software companies over the years to try their products, but I’d never give up the capabilities Orchid offers. There are capabilities I don’t even realize I need as a business owner, and Orchid continues to grow and come up with new solutions. I wouldn’t have the business I have without Orchid.

Q: How has the pandemic impacted your business?

A: We were closed for six of the past 11 months, so we’ve had to reinvent how we generate income these days. Orchid’s remote access enabled us to work from home and book virtual appointments to secure revenue for the clinic. I couldn’t live without the remote access!

Q: How have you used Orchid over the past year to keep business moving amid disruption?

A: We used Orchid’s marketing features throughout the lockdown to email newsletters communicating the status of the clinics, updates to policies and procedures and information about monthly specials, as well as curbside pickup details for spa products. We also introduced virtual skin consultations during the shutdown, so we configured the appointment notification templates with information about the new service, like how to get themselves set up in the consultation system and pre- and post-care instructions. I think we’ll definitely keep the virtual consultations once business returns to normal, so that if a client can’t get to the clinic for whatever reason—say they have kids, or they don’t have a car—they will still have the option to keep their appointment.

To learn more about how Orchid Software can help with your business’ reopening—as well as other key tips for business owners during this time—visit our blog.

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The 2020 Small Business Saturday Marketing Checklist

small business saturday

After a year like 2020, it feels like small businesses deserve a full week dedicated to their support and success. Nevertheless, Small Business Saturday poses an important opportunity for spas to promote their shops, boost sales and raise awareness for their current offerings and availability. As the pandemic progresses, many consumers recognize the importance of supporting their local businesses and want to help – so it’s important that spas communicate how customers can best engage with them. Owners don’t want to miss out on a sale or goodwill due to lack of visibility.

With November 28 only a couple weeks away, follow our simple checklist to make this Small Business Saturday pandemic friendly.

Offer Special Services

Many small businesses are still recovering from the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, so offering discounts may not be the best move for business. Instead, spas should skip the discounts, maximize all the revenue they can and offer special services instead. For instance, for customers who are reluctant to shop in person, you can offer curbside pickup or at-home delivery. Create specific offerings around these services, such as a bundle of spa products that can be packaged neatly along with promotional materials. Providing creative and convenient services to celebrate the holiday is a great way to show customers you want their business.

Stock Up On Gift Cards

During the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, many consumers purchased gift cards to show support for their favorite local businesses, even when they couldn’t shop there in-person. Knowing a second wave may be on its way, customers may do the same this Small Business Saturday. Give shoppers the option to purchase a customized gift card with your store’s logo to raise brand awareness and build in repeat business.

gift card

Highlight Memberships

While big discounts may not be the go-to marketing strategy this year, spas may want to offer small discounts for customers that sign up for membership services. For instance, if customers keep their card on file or sign up for unlimited facials over five months, there should be a small financial incentive – and you benefit by knowing you’ll have recurring business.

Create And Update Your Online Presence

Knowing that consumers may be less comfortable with in-person shopping experiences this year, spas should make sure that A) they have a website, B) their website is up to date with all their current offerings, products and store hours, and C) that customers can book out appointments in advance. Websites should also look polished and professional – to reflect the business accurately – and include Small Business Saturday marketing materials.

Online Booking

Prepare Your Space

If your business will be open for in-person shopping on Small Business Saturday, make sure you are prepared for an increase in foot traffic. Consider marking six-foot increments on the floor so customers know how to socially distance in line. Increase store hours and have extra employees come in to help count customers, take temperatures and hand out masks as needed. Most important, if you have outdoor space – whether it’s a patio or a converted parking lot – maximize its layout and availability. To accommodate longer lines or wait times, rent some space heaters, tables and chairs.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday should bring the community together, so see if there is a way to partner with complementary stores, restaurants or charities to cross-promote your businesses. For instance, if your customers need to stay outside in accordance to social distancing guidelines, see if you can partner with a nearby coffee shop or brewery so they can enjoy a beverage while they wait.

Send Out Email Blasts

Even if your spas isn’t in the position to offer special discounts or to host more foot traffic, you should take advantage of Small Business Saturday buzz. Take the opportunity to remind customers and prospects that your business is indeed open, what your hours are, and how you are following state-issued guidelines to ensure safety at your spas. If your business is doing something special for Small Business Saturday, email is an inexpensive way to spread awareness and market your promotions ahead of the day. Keep the email short, sweet and festive with a clear subject line (e.g., “A Special Offer for You this Small Business Saturday”).

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Start promoting your Small Business Saturday activity on social media today so your followers know where to go – online or in person – on November 28. Leverage hashtags related to the holiday to raise visibility and consider starting a social media competition. And don’t forget to showcase your social media handles on any business cards, promotional materials and on your website!

Small Business Saturday may look a bit different this year, but spas should still take advantage of the opportunity to market their services, increase visibility and ideally boost sales when they need it most.

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Customer Spotlight: Allure Skin and Laser

Allure Skin and Laser

As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we’re spotlighting Orchid customers impacted by the pandemic to learn more about how they’ve adapted their operations to overcome resulting business challenges. The passion and innovation of these customers have never been more pronounced than in their responses to the difficulties posed by the coronavirus outbreak, and we hope their stories serve as a guide for those navigating similarly difficult situations.


We recently spoke with Ann Ossanna, owner of Allure Skin and Laser in Queen Creek, AZ, to learn more about her experience running a medical spa during a pandemic, including how she’s using software to mitigate business disruption.

Q: To start, we’d love to learn a little more about your business.

A: We opened in 2008 as a medical practice and quickly expanded into an aesthetics one. What sets us apart from other spas is that we have an onsite, board-certified doctor available to answer staff and patient questions.


We specialize in anything skin related: injectables, Botox, Juvéderm, laser photo facials and hair removal, various chemical peels, antiaging rejuvenation and micro needling—we like to offer the newest technologies that are available. We also sell medical-grade skincare, including our own private label.

Q: How long have you been using Orchid? What’s been your experience with it?

A: We’ve been using Orchid since the beginning, when it was still on discs! Before that, we were using an EMR system, then paper charts. Now we’re using the online version of Orchid. We use the software for scheduling, check-in and checkout processes and to send text and email reminders.


We love having the Orchid app because it allows us to keep track of what’s going on at the spa even when we’re out of office. We can easily check inventory and schedules in real time. Especially during the pandemic, the app was helpful because it gave us remote access to the inventory so that we could pull together product for clients, and it allowed us to conduct virtual consultations.

Allure Skincare

Q: How has the pandemic impacted the way your med spa operates?

A: We were closed for service for about six weeks at the start, which was understandable because I didn’t think we were an essential business. Fortunately, we were able to keep our staff on payroll throughout the closure. During that time, we were offering curbside pickup for products.


We’re reopened now, limiting the number of patients in the space and staggering appointments. We try to keep the waiting room empty and get clients right into their treatment rooms. We’ve also decluttered the waiting area by eliminating items people could touch. Everyone wears masks at the spa, and we’re immediately disinfecting everything that people touch, like phones and pens.


As a medical spa, we’ve been thoroughly disinfecting for the past ten years. For example, if we do a laser treatment, we wipe down every surface—the cords, the touch screens, the chairs. We’ve always been careful about maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness because we recognize that people are choosing to come in, so we want to put safety first and offer them a high quality of service.

Q: Are there any changes you’ve made to how you run your business that you intend to uphold once business returns to normal?

A: We’re not charging late fees if patients aren’t feeling well. If that’s the case, we’re happy to reschedule—we’ll continue doing that.

Q: Are you preparing for a potential coronavirus resurgence?

A: The idea of a resurgence is always present. Even before we officially shut down the first time, we had been thinking about how we could wind business down, as it didn’t feel right to stay open during that time. If we have to close again, we will do whatever is required because the ultimate goal is safety for everyone, including my staff and their families. We need to keep looking at the long term, and if there’s something we can do in the short term to help that, then we’re going to do it.


To learn more about how Orchid Software can help with your business’ reopening—as well as other key tips for business owners during this time—visit our blog.

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Cryotherapy Facials For Your Spa: What You Need to Know

cryotherapy facial

Who doesn’t want flawless, gorgeous skin? When people look at others, the first thing they notice is the face. So, if someone has acne, large pores, wrinkles, or dark circles, it’s hard to miss.

While it’s normal to experience skin issues, they don’t have to be tolerated. There are many treatments available to help with problematic skin, but one takes precedent over the others.

A cryotherapy facial is unlike any other skincare procedure out there. If you’ve been searching for a new treatment for your clients, this could be the answer.

Take a look at the information below to learn more!

What Is a Cryotherapy Facial?

A cryotherapy facial consists of using liquid nitrogen(dry ice) on the face to give the skin a glowy, youthful appearance. It tightens pores, reduces fine lines, and clears age spots.

Cryotherapy treatment can also help to manage other skin conditions. The cold temperatures reduce sebum, which then clears acne.

cryotherapy facial

Cryotherapy Facial Benefits

There’s a good reason why people are agreeing to put ice cold nitrogen on their faces. The cryotherapy facial results that come from it are phenomenal. Often referred to as “frotox”, this chilling mask works wonders. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Increases Collagen Production

Collagen is vital for keeping skin looking youthful. It’s a protein that helps to connect the ligaments to bones, strengthen blood vessels, and make the skin firm.

As people age, their body stops producing as much collagen, which leads to wrinkles. Not to mention, the pollution and toxins in the air further damage the skin.

All of these factors create bags under the eyes, deepens wrinkles, and enhances the signs of aging.

cryotherapy facial

2. Enhances Blood Circulation

During a cryotherapy facial, the liquid nitrogen vapors are distributed over the face, neck, and scalp. The freezing cold temperatures make the blood vessels contract and dilate, which increases blood flow.

Through this process, toxins are flushed away while nutrients and enzymes are brought to the skin.

3. Minimizes Dark Circles and Inflammation

A cryotherapy facial treatment helps to give the skin around the eyes an extra boost of nutrients. When the liquid nitrogen is applied to the face, the skin instantly becomes tighter and blood flows quicker.

Improved blood circulation helps to even the skin tone and reduces puffiness around the eyes. 

4. Reduces Pore Size

Large pores are magnets for oil, dirt, and other toxins. If the skin has blackheads, it’s likely due to pores. Unfortunately, blackheads are hard to get rid of. One of the benefits of a cryotherapy facial is that the cold nitrogen helps to shrink and tighten the pores.

Therefore, it’s more difficult for the skin to get polluted by toxins. Furthermore, using a cryotherapy facial machine exfoliates the skin and stimulates new skin cells.

What to Ask Clients to Do Before a Cryotherapy Facial

There isn’t too much that a client needs to do before treatment. However, your spa should suggest a few things prior to coming in.

One of the biggest things they should do is drink lots of water. Doing so helps to keep the skin hydrated, providing better results. Also, if they get Botox, it’s best that they wait at least two weeks after injections before getting a cryotherapy facial.

cryotherapy interview

Clients shouldn’t overly exfoliate the skin before treatment either. Otherwise the facial could agitate their face.

Lastly, don’t wear makeup. There’s no harm in it, but it just helps the appointment go smoother and reduces an extra step for the spa technician.

What Clients Can Expect During a Cryotherapy Facial Treatment

If cryotherapy facials are new to your spa, then you might not know what steps to take. Every spa chooses to operate differently, but here are the basics of what to anticipate:

  • The procedure starts by thoroughly cleaning and drying the face. Sometimes the spa technician can steam the face or massage it before turning on the nitrogen.
  • If the person has on accessories, ask them to remove it and provide them with goggles.
    Next, use a hose to disburse the liquid nitrogen all over the face. Advise them that it’s extremely cold, similar to running ice over the skin. However, the process won’t be unbearable.
  • The procedure must last for about three minutes, and it should end with the spa technician applying a moisturizer or serum to the skin.

Risks and Possible Side Effects

It’s perfectly normal to worry about whether cryotherapy facial treatments are safe for your clients, and usually, they are. There aren’t many side effects, but below a few guidelines your spa should follow and some warnings to give clients:

  • Perform the procedures in a well-ventilated room because nitrogen can reduce oxygen.
  • Let clients know that because of the temperature, ice burn or frostbite could occur. However, it’s a very rare side effect.
  • The process can cause temporary numbness or tingling.
  • Temporary or permanent discoloration could occur.

Give Your Clients the Skin They Deserve

As you can see from the information above cryotherapy facial procedures have a lot of benefits. Not only is it a new kind of treatment, but it’s effective.

It also helps that using liquid nitrogen for facials is considered “cool” and people like trying things are different and cutting-edge. Offering cryotherapy facial treatments will surely bring in new clientele.

If your spa business needs additional services, we’re here to for you. Our software can help you manage everything from appointment booking to payroll.

If you’re interested, you can start a free trial or request more info. We look forward to connecting with you soon!