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The Top 4 Waxing Trends All Waxing Studios Need to Know

waxing studios

In 2019, the spa and beauty salon industry was worth a staggering $66.16 billion. And with around 77,000 beauty salons in the U.S. today, competition for that income is fierce. Waxing studios need to stay on top of what their customers want to survive in a competitive sector. 

Though female waxing trends have waxed and waned over the years, the market has focused on intimate-area waxing for the past few decades. Now, we’re seeing exciting new features like advances in wax technology, full-body waxing, and even an increase in male waxing.

Read on for an overview of the trends beauticians and waxing professionals need to know in 2021.

1. A Wave of New Waxes

Wax manufacturers are getting experimental in recent years, releasing new and improved synthetic waxes and innovative products like wax beads.

Across the body wax studio industry, pine resin-based wax is quickly replaced by high-tech 100 percent or partially synthetic concoctions. They cause less skin irritation, stick better to the strands of hair (instead of the skin), and have lower melting points. Likewise, wax beads are popular because they’re easy to store, quick to melt, and you don’t need to use strips.

With conscious consumerism on the up, people are looking for ways to eco-ize their purchases. Waxing isn’t immune to this trend. Cue the rise in popularity of sugar wax over the past few years.

While standard waxing is already inherently more eco-friendly than other hair removal methods, sugaring goes one step further. Sugar wax is a sticky, gel-like paste made from lemon, water, and… you guessed it, sugar. It’s a technique that dates back centuries–Ancient Egyptians reportedly used honey.

Sugaring is great for Brazilians, a bikini wax, or customers plagued by ingrown hairs because it doesn’t pull on the skin cells and removes the hair right at the root.

2. Fun Shapes for Waxing Studios

From fun-shaped landing strips shaped into lighting bolts and stars to romantic love hearts, it seems there is no end to the symbols a Brazilian wax studio therapist might have to create. These shapes are sure to test the skills of even the most practiced esthetician.

Some beauty therapists frown on overly-complicated designs because they require them to wax against hair growth direction–something that can lead to ingrown hairs, blocked follicles, and acne. For those therapists, this adverse reaction is not worth adhering to a short-lived fad.

Of course, for every trend, there’s an equal and opposite in-thing. Salons across the U.S. have also noticed a growing “the barer, the better” movement when it comes to intimate-area waxing.

In 2018, clients were requesting to leave a little on the top. In 2021, customers are asking their esthetician to remove it all.

3. Full Body Waxing Is on the Rise

Whether you run a European wax studio or are inspired by other spa models, you’ve likely noticed an increase in bookings for full body waxing.

Full body waxing requires a lot of commitment from both the client and the practitioner. Plans usually include bikini or Brazilian, arms, legs, and back, and sometimes the face, and beauticians typically alternate between hard and soft waxes. Developing trusting client relationships is an essential aspect of this rising trend.

Where once beauty salons bundled waxing services into their full-service spa offerings, the increased desire for an entirely smooth body has even inspired a jump in the number of stand-alone waxing studios.

You may have experienced a drop-off in requests for longer-session full body waxing services due to nervousness around COVID-19. Reassure your clients by emphasizing your cleaning protocols, informing them of the services you do and don’t have, and how appointment bookings will be made.

The bare-all look has become so popular that men are getting in on the act. Some salons report around 10 percent of their clients are men, and that figure is rising fast. Overtaking the once common back or chest wax booking are requests for intimate waxing services.

waxing studios

4. More Men Are Getting Waxed

Manscaping, Manzilians, and The Full Monty. Waxing for men is increasing in popularity so fast that there is now a plethora of new services on offer to cater to the male body.

Waxing for me was once limited to the world of bodybuilders, swimmers, and professional cyclists. Now, however, men are attracted to waxing for more than just practical reasons.  They’re enamored with waxing for much the same reasons as women.

Male waxing wants include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Saving time
  • Health benefits, like exfoliation
  • Sensuality

Pubic waxing, in particular, is snowballing. There’s also been an uptick in men interested in shaping their bushy brows with waxing.

Men’s hair tends to be coarser than women’s, and they’re less familiar with the waxing process. It’s essential to carefully brief male clients before they come into your salon.

Tell your male customers to trim their hair to half-a-centimeter long and gently exfoliate the waxing area one to two days before the appointment. They also need to start a skincare regime that includes daily moisturizing.

Since this is a burgeoning industry, many men are confused about which salons will accept male clients. If you offer male waxing, don’t be shy about sharing your services through text marketing, social media advertising, and your website.

waxing studios

Know Your Clients Needs

Waxing, it seems, is fast becoming a need rather than a want, which is definitely great for waxing studios and spa owners!

If you focus on making your customers feel great about their bodies, your clients will return again and again no matter the trends that year. And smart marketing is essential to staying on top of what your customers want.

Take advantage of the free package trials offered by Orchid Spa Software to see if it’s the right marketing service for your spa.

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Customer Spotlight: Laser Spa Group

Bozana Skojo was recently awarded the title of Software Savant in DaySmart’s 2021 Small Business Brilliance Awards. This recognition honors customers known for their resourcefulness, who leverage their dynamic DaySmart toolkit to continue driving business forward even amid challenging circumstances.

The owner of Laser Spa Group in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, Bozana is committed to providing her clients the highest quality of care. We recently spoke with her to learn more about how her software investments help her achieve this mission, especially amid the disruption of the pandemic.

Q: To start, we’d love to learn a little more about your business. What sets it apart from others?

A: When I opened Laser Spa Group 18 years ago, we were the first spa in our area to offer laser treatments. We’ve since performed over 75,000 treatments to date, on about 10,000 clients. Our staff of nine aesthetic professionals have a combined 150 years of experience, and we also offer professional development courses for aestheticians and nurses to enhance their careers.

Q: How long have you been using Orchid? What inspired you to start using the software?

A: I’ve been a loyal user for 11 years now! I was a one-person show when I first opened my business, so as I got busier, I needed help with managing client information and treatment packages. At the time, all I needed was a way to track their services and where they were at in their treatments, and a good scheduling calendar. As we expanded our staff though, we needed a digital platform that could grow with us.

Q: What has been your experience with the software?

A: Orchid offers us convenience. We can create notes on laser settings or treatment parameters in clients’ profiles, which the receptionists can use when they call in to book an appointment so there’s no guessing at which treatment was suggested for them or what it’ll cost. Once we launch our new website, we’ll add the online booking feature, which will alleviate congestion on the phone lines further. We can have up to 30 clients come through the clinics each day, so it’s important to have as many operations streamlined as possible so that we can function efficiently.

The email marketing features have been invaluable. It’s a great way to alert clients to flash sales and monthly promotions and to generate interest in products or services that they might have always wanted to try or that they didn’t even know we offered. We also use Orchid to track coupon activations, to monitor which offers are working best, and loyalty points. Our goal is to execute as much marketing interactions as we can with clients to encourage repeat business.

It’s also been great to have Orchid’s immediate support whenever a member of my staff needs help troubleshooting, especially for new hires who are learning the system. I’ve been contacted by other software companies over the years to try their products, but I’d never give up the capabilities Orchid offers. There are capabilities I don’t even realize I need as a business owner, and Orchid continues to grow and come up with new solutions. I wouldn’t have the business I have without Orchid.

Q: How has the pandemic impacted your business?

A: We were closed for six of the past 11 months, so we’ve had to reinvent how we generate income these days. Orchid’s remote access enabled us to work from home and book virtual appointments to secure revenue for the clinic. I couldn’t live without the remote access!

Q: How have you used Orchid over the past year to keep business moving amid disruption?

A: We used Orchid’s marketing features throughout the lockdown to email newsletters communicating the status of the clinics, updates to policies and procedures and information about monthly specials, as well as curbside pickup details for spa products. We also introduced virtual skin consultations during the shutdown, so we configured the appointment notification templates with information about the new service, like how to get themselves set up in the consultation system and pre- and post-care instructions. I think we’ll definitely keep the virtual consultations once business returns to normal, so that if a client can’t get to the clinic for whatever reason—say they have kids, or they don’t have a car—they will still have the option to keep their appointment.

To learn more about how Orchid Software can help with your business’ reopening—as well as other key tips for business owners during this time—visit our blog.

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The Important Impression You Can Make With Your Esthetician Uniform

esthetician uniform

Should you wear your esthetician uniform?

The pandemic has changed the way salon and spas operate. Regardless, this never stopped customers from visiting, especially now that everything is starting to ease up and improve. Soon, we can expect to return to normal working hours, and by then, will you need your work uniform?

The esthetician spa uniform has always had a positive effect on business. It’s part of the first thing a customer sees when they visit your establishment. This is also the last thing they see when they leave, which helps build an impression for your customer.

If you’re still unsure of whether you should enforce wearing a uniform in your spa, read what’s below. These are the benefits of wearing esthetician uniforms for business. Learn why wearing it is essential to business success!

1. Creates A Consistent Impression

The esthetician uniform your employee will use has your brand logo. These create a consistent impression that supports customer and clientele relationships. When a customer sees this, it lightens their mood, and they feel valued.

Regardless if it’s a return customer or a new customer, the uniform will help you gain their trust. They’ll know that the brand’s reputation will be at stake, ensuring that they’ll have an excellent experience while under your care.

This also gives off a sense of consistency in that everyone looks the same. Work uniforms are a great way for your customers to know whether they’re talking to a professional or another customer.

esthetician uniform

2. Creates A Sense of Pride

An esthetician spa uniform creates a sense of pride that benefits your employees. With improved motivation, you can expect an increase in their productivity. It’s a surefire way to cause your employees to do better at work.

With this, you can expect your customers to leave the spa satisfied with what they’ve had done to them. Without a doubt, the customer will come back to continue to do business with you. They may even bring new customers along since most people nowadays value professional work in any setting.

esthetician uniform

3. Improves Brand Awareness

When you receive a customer, you must be easy to recognize. Aside from your brand logo and advertisements, work uniforms can help you build brand awareness. This is a simple personalized experience that helps create a memorable brand identity.

Creating brand awareness is important for businesses as your competition will always grow. You need to employ strategies that establish the presence of your brand to avoid getting drowned out. Esthetician spa uniforms can make this happen, especially when they’re well-designed.

Nowadays, aesthetics is as important as the quality of service provided. If it appeals to the client, it will engage them and make them more likely to choose you over other brands. It allows you to have an edge when it comes to choosing between you and other spas.

It’s a simple way of representing your brand consistently throughout the workday. This makes wearing your uniform a great way to market your business passively.

4. Fosters Professionalism

You’ve probably heard this many times, but the term dress to impress also applies to work uniforms. Don’t forget that the beauty industry is about appearances.

Staff members in their uniforms are sure to look clean, smart, and stylish. Clients that observe this will see your staff as peerless professionals. This puts a client at ease because they know a professional will take care of their needs.

This also builds morale for both clients and staff members. When morale is high, this makes your staff work towards accomplishing a common goal and that’s to take care of the client. Clients are the first people to feel the high morale and this improves their mood.

esthetician uniform

5. Improves the Staff Comfort

Spa uniforms are not only about improving a brand image. They’re designed to provide comfort and safety to the staff while they work. This is because a beautician’s workplace often has many hazards like hot wax and chemicals.

Some workplaces allow their staff to come to work with their own choice of clothing. These often result in ruined clothes, which will cause customers to see the place as an unprofessional spa. It can also lower employee morale as it’s their clothes that get damaged.

You should invest in good materials when making your uniforms. These uniforms are easy to replace and are often built to protect you. This will improve worker comfort as they know they’ll get some protection when dealing with the chemicals in their line of work.

6. Cheap Advertising

Customizing work uniforms is a way to advertise your business at a low cost. With your brand logo added to the uniform, you advertise the spa to potential customers. This makes it easy to identify for both new and consistent clients.

A great way to do this is during the holidays. Customize your uniforms to go with the season. This way, potential customers get to relate to your brand easily, causing them to avail themselves of your services.

Clients love seasonal festivities, and doing this is an easy way to attract them. It’s also another way to build awareness for your business. Make sure not to forget the brand logo, and advertising will go easy.

7. Improves Work Appearance

Most esthetician uniforms are wrinkle-free and promote cleanliness. This improves the image of the brand and the staff. If a client sees a clean and neat appearance, they will feel more comfortable in the spa.

It’s an establishment that should promote cleanliness and relaxation, after all. A simple uniform can bring this out from your workers and workspace with ease. This effect gets elevated when wearing a medical esthetician uniform, as it doubles down on the cleanliness factor. 

Wear Your Esthetician Uniform Today

Wearing an esthetician uniform is a great way to improve your business in an instant. Uniforms will motivate your staff to work in unity and improve the quality of their service. Wear your esthetician uniform now and improve your workforce today!

Do you need software assistance for your spa business? Connect with us and know the service we can provide for you.

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Tips on Formulating Spa Room Essential Oils

spa room essential oils

Did you know that a signature spa scent is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your spa from competitors? When you choose a unique scent that melds well with your spa’s brand, you’re creating a strong memory that customers will associate with your spa. 

The best part is that you can use your spa scent for other applications throughout your spa. Along with diffusing it in the air, it can be sprayed on towels, used in spa-scented candles, and more. 

Read on to learn all about spa room essential oils to create a fragrance that your customers won’t soon forget! 

spa room essential oils

Consider Your Spa

Before you begin creating your spa scent, you’ll first want to consider your brand and the message you want to convey. Consider why your customers are coming to your spa. It can be for any or all of these reasons: 

  • Tranquility
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Self-esteem
  • Romantic bonding

If many of your customers are couples that are coming in for a massage session, you may want to consider a more romantic signature scent that features jasmine and vanilla. Older customers who are seeking a respite from their day and want a relaxing hour may respond better to lavender.

Lastly, younger athletes who need deep tissue massages and more energy for the day may respond to a relaxing yet energizing scent of lavender and citrus. 

spa room essential oils

Start Experimenting

Essential oils are pure extracts of plants or the “essence” of the plant itself. These extracts are then combined with a carrier oil in order to create the product we’re familiar with today. No matter what scent you choose, essential oils are known to reduce stress, inflammation, and also help people sleep better. This is why we recommend essential oils for your signature scent above perfumes. 

In order to discover the best signature scent, we recommend purchasing small spray bottles. Label the bottles with the essential oils you’re using and aim to use eight to twelve drops in total. You can use an equal amount of drops for each scent or even experiment with three at a time. 

Once you’ve placed the essential oils in the spray bottle, fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Shake it up and spray it in one area of your spa. See how it smells in the air as well as on your skin and on towels. 

spa room essential oils

Using Your Signature Scent

Once you’ve discovered your signature scent, we recommend using a cold air diffuser for the best way to diffuse your scent. These diffusers help retain the therapeutic benefits of the scent, and they also look attractive. Many come with different light settings, automatic shut off features, and aren’t noisy. 

In order to help people associate the scent with your spa, don’t forget that you can use it in a variety of applications. You can create candles that feature your scent as well as spray them in hand towels. You can even sell your signature scent in the form of reed diffusers, bedroom sprays, and other spa products so that customers are able to enjoy your signature scent at home. 

Your scent can even be used as welcome gifts for new customers. Consider giving customers a high-quality hand towel with a small roller ball of your signature scent. They’ll be able to use it as a travel perfume no matter where they go. 

Scent Combination Ideas

If you’re struggling to discover a winning spa scent essential oil recipe, here are a few common ones you can start off with. Remember that you can tweak them to your liking until you find the perfect scent for your spa. 

Fragrance of Love

Ylang-ylang and jasmine are often fragrances associated with love and joy. They pair well with scents such as sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, and geranium. 

Fragrance of Energy

Citrus scents such as lemon and orange are a great way to introduce some energy to a space. They also pair well with lavender for a relaxing touch. Geranium and clary sage also pair well with lavender. 

Fragrance of Femininity

Light floral fragrances are often associated with femininity. Consider blending bergamot with roman chamomile and lavender if your spa appeals to women. 

Fragrance of Home

If you’re looking for a cozy scent that welcomes people inside the spa and evokes memories of home, this combination may be right for you. Vanilla, cinnamon, and clove bud blend together for a warm fragrance that’s perfect for winter. 

Fragrance of Forest

If you’re looking for a signature scent that’s primarily geared towards men, you can’t go wrong with a mixture of sandalwood, white fir, and cypress. These scents are muskier and evoke memories of warm fires and forests. 

Fragrance of Relaxation

A spa that promotes feelings of calm, tranquility, and relaxation can’t go wrong. A blend of citrus oils, ylang-ylang, lavender, and blue tansy can help your clients wind down. Consider adding a drop or two of patchouli for an even more relaxing scent. 

Spa Room Essential Oils: Discovering Your Signature Scent

By using spa room essential oils to discover your spa’s signature scent, you’re well on your way to helping differentiate yourself from competitors. Through the careful application of scent throughout your spa and in your products, customers will soon tie together the smells with the memory of their relaxing experience.

Not only does this help them remember your spa in the future when they’re looking for additional services, but they’ll also be more likely to recommend your spa to friends and family. 

Ready to make your spa an even more memorable experience through the smart application of spa software? Connect with us today to learn about our software’s capabilities!

Medical Spa Software Software Features Spa Industry Taxes

Is Your Spa Ready for Tax Day?


tax day

With Tax Day fast approaching, now may be an ideal time to (re)assess your spa’s “tax readiness.” Operating a small business has always presented potential tax reporting issues, especially if you’re not running your business on a software platform that can provide detailed performance and payroll reports.

Common Pitfalls

The most common problem in the spa industry is tips. Employees are responsible for accurately reporting the tips they receive, but the employer is not free from obligation in reporting on these. Complexities can arise when multiple service providers are splitting tips on a single client service. If your systems don’t allow you to accurately report the distribution of these payments, you could be reporting that income as having been received by one person, unfairly increasing their tax burden.

Complex commission structures can also create hassles for employees unless you’ve properly defined payments within the software. You may offer certain commission rates for services but other commissions for products. The accuracy of the payroll records you generate drives the accuracy of your reports on the tax liability of employees (and contractors).

Accounting Integration

QuickBooks (or your preferred accounting software) is a great way to record your business expenses and your income details. However, if you are using business management software to run all other aspects of your business (e.g., appointment scheduling, inventory management, payroll) you’ll ideally want to integrate these systems to maximize the software’s capabilities. Simplifying this connection also means fewer reports for you to print or export for your accountant or tax preparation service.

Orchid & QuickBooks Connect Integration

Based on popular demand, Orchid’s latest integration includes QuickBooks Online! To use this integration, you must have a Orchid cloud subscription and a QuickBooks Connect plan. Don’t already have a QuickBooks Connect plan? Click this exclusive link to claim 50% off your first 2 months!

The Orchid to QuickBooks Connect integration seamlessly and automatically syncs:

  • Service Transactions
  • Gift Cards
  • Packages & Memberships
  • Sales Taxes
  • Employee Tips
  • Product Transactions
  • Returns & Discounts
  • Loyalty Rewards

You can export up to 90 days worth of data into QuickBooks and the system will automatically keep QuickBooks up to date in the background throughout the day.


Classify Your Workers

The spa business frequently classifies some workers as employees and other workers as independent contractors. The reporting requirements and tax implications for both are different, but equally important. Independent contractors typically rent some space within a business. They do their own advertising, set their own schedule and maintain their own client relationships. People who rent space within a shop are required to supply a 1099 tax form to the business declaring the amount of rent paid during that taxable period. This is far from common practice, but it is the law.

Deliberately misclassifying a worker is a crime. Don’t do it—even if they ask you to. The penalties can be significant, and you could be opening yourself to further scrutiny by tax officials.


The IRS describes legitimate write-offs as “both ordinary and necessary.” This means that they deem expenses as “ordinary” if they’re standard for someone with the same job, and “necessary” if they are central to the performance of the job (no, lattes don’t count). You’ll be well served to deduct only expenses for which you have documentation. Didn’t save your receipts? Comb through credit card and bank statements from last year in search of qualifying expenses—it could be very worth your while. Any questions you have about the validity of deductions are best addressed by a certified financial planner or tax preparer. Better safe than sorry.

Some deductions are obvious, such as rent, capital expenses (like furniture), business expenses (like advertising) or charitable donations, but some others may not be so obvious. The fees to renew your professional license may be deductible, as well as any expenses you may have incurred while attending an industry trade show or educational event.

Tax Day


Recent changes to the tax code—specifically the “2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which is thousands of pages long—may impact your business or your reporting requirements. If you have the means, it may make sense to consult with a certified tax preparer before filing your taxes to ensure that you’re both complying with every new provision and getting the maximum benefit.


A common refrain in this blog has been reporting. The ability to generate an accurate report of what was done, who was paid and when is critical at tax time. If you are running your business on paper ledgers or shoeboxes full of receipts, this might present obstacles to easily answering the many questions a tax return requires.

While moving to a business management software platform at this point won’t help with last year’s taxes, now is the perfect time to commit to installing one for the next year. If you were savvy enough to install software from the beginning, then you are likely enjoying answering your accountant’s questions with the push of a button. Some of these software suites provide dozens, even hundreds, of reports that can answer any question that might arise.

Learn how our Orchid Spa software can make sure you are Tax-ready by visiting this product page.

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The 2020 Small Business Saturday Marketing Checklist

small business saturday

After a year like 2020, it feels like small businesses deserve a full week dedicated to their support and success. Nevertheless, Small Business Saturday poses an important opportunity for spas to promote their shops, boost sales and raise awareness for their current offerings and availability. As the pandemic progresses, many consumers recognize the importance of supporting their local businesses and want to help – so it’s important that spas communicate how customers can best engage with them. Owners don’t want to miss out on a sale or goodwill due to lack of visibility.

With November 28 only a couple weeks away, follow our simple checklist to make this Small Business Saturday pandemic friendly.

Offer Special Services

Many small businesses are still recovering from the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, so offering discounts may not be the best move for business. Instead, spas should skip the discounts, maximize all the revenue they can and offer special services instead. For instance, for customers who are reluctant to shop in person, you can offer curbside pickup or at-home delivery. Create specific offerings around these services, such as a bundle of spa products that can be packaged neatly along with promotional materials. Providing creative and convenient services to celebrate the holiday is a great way to show customers you want their business.

Stock Up On Gift Cards

During the first wave of pandemic-related shutdowns, many consumers purchased gift cards to show support for their favorite local businesses, even when they couldn’t shop there in-person. Knowing a second wave may be on its way, customers may do the same this Small Business Saturday. Give shoppers the option to purchase a customized gift card with your store’s logo to raise brand awareness and build in repeat business.

gift card

Highlight Memberships

While big discounts may not be the go-to marketing strategy this year, spas may want to offer small discounts for customers that sign up for membership services. For instance, if customers keep their card on file or sign up for unlimited facials over five months, there should be a small financial incentive – and you benefit by knowing you’ll have recurring business.

Create And Update Your Online Presence

Knowing that consumers may be less comfortable with in-person shopping experiences this year, spas should make sure that A) they have a website, B) their website is up to date with all their current offerings, products and store hours, and C) that customers can book out appointments in advance. Websites should also look polished and professional – to reflect the business accurately – and include Small Business Saturday marketing materials.

Online Booking

Prepare Your Space

If your business will be open for in-person shopping on Small Business Saturday, make sure you are prepared for an increase in foot traffic. Consider marking six-foot increments on the floor so customers know how to socially distance in line. Increase store hours and have extra employees come in to help count customers, take temperatures and hand out masks as needed. Most important, if you have outdoor space – whether it’s a patio or a converted parking lot – maximize its layout and availability. To accommodate longer lines or wait times, rent some space heaters, tables and chairs.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday should bring the community together, so see if there is a way to partner with complementary stores, restaurants or charities to cross-promote your businesses. For instance, if your customers need to stay outside in accordance to social distancing guidelines, see if you can partner with a nearby coffee shop or brewery so they can enjoy a beverage while they wait.

Send Out Email Blasts

Even if your spas isn’t in the position to offer special discounts or to host more foot traffic, you should take advantage of Small Business Saturday buzz. Take the opportunity to remind customers and prospects that your business is indeed open, what your hours are, and how you are following state-issued guidelines to ensure safety at your spas. If your business is doing something special for Small Business Saturday, email is an inexpensive way to spread awareness and market your promotions ahead of the day. Keep the email short, sweet and festive with a clear subject line (e.g., “A Special Offer for You this Small Business Saturday”).

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Start promoting your Small Business Saturday activity on social media today so your followers know where to go – online or in person – on November 28. Leverage hashtags related to the holiday to raise visibility and consider starting a social media competition. And don’t forget to showcase your social media handles on any business cards, promotional materials and on your website!

Small Business Saturday may look a bit different this year, but spas should still take advantage of the opportunity to market their services, increase visibility and ideally boost sales when they need it most.