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Is Your Spa Ready for Tax Day?


tax day

With Tax Day fast approaching, now may be an ideal time to (re)assess your spa’s “tax readiness.” Operating a small business has always presented potential tax reporting issues, especially if you’re not running your business on a software platform that can provide detailed performance and payroll reports.

Common Pitfalls

The most common problem in the spa industry is tips. Employees are responsible for accurately reporting the tips they receive, but the employer is not free from obligation in reporting on these. Complexities can arise when multiple service providers are splitting tips on a single client service. If your systems don’t allow you to accurately report the distribution of these payments, you could be reporting that income as having been received by one person, unfairly increasing their tax burden.

Complex commission structures can also create hassles for employees unless you’ve properly defined payments within the software. You may offer certain commission rates for services but other commissions for products. The accuracy of the payroll records you generate drives the accuracy of your reports on the tax liability of employees (and contractors).

Accounting Integration

QuickBooks (or your preferred accounting software) is a great way to record your business expenses and your income details. However, if you are using business management software to run all other aspects of your business (e.g., appointment scheduling, inventory management, payroll) you’ll ideally want to integrate these systems to maximize the software’s capabilities. Simplifying this connection also means fewer reports for you to print or export for your accountant or tax preparation service.

Orchid & QuickBooks Connect Integration

Based on popular demand, Orchid’s latest integration includes QuickBooks Online! To use this integration, you must have a Orchid cloud subscription and a QuickBooks Connect plan. Don’t already have a QuickBooks Connect plan? Click this exclusive link to claim 50% off your first 2 months!

The Orchid to QuickBooks Connect integration seamlessly and automatically syncs:

  • Service Transactions
  • Gift Cards
  • Packages & Memberships
  • Sales Taxes
  • Employee Tips
  • Product Transactions
  • Returns & Discounts
  • Loyalty Rewards

You can export up to 90 days worth of data into QuickBooks and the system will automatically keep QuickBooks up to date in the background throughout the day.


Classify Your Workers

The spa business frequently classifies some workers as employees and other workers as independent contractors. The reporting requirements and tax implications for both are different, but equally important. Independent contractors typically rent some space within a business. They do their own advertising, set their own schedule and maintain their own client relationships. People who rent space within a shop are required to supply a 1099 tax form to the business declaring the amount of rent paid during that taxable period. This is far from common practice, but it is the law.

Deliberately misclassifying a worker is a crime. Don’t do it—even if they ask you to. The penalties can be significant, and you could be opening yourself to further scrutiny by tax officials.


The IRS describes legitimate write-offs as “both ordinary and necessary.” This means that they deem expenses as “ordinary” if they’re standard for someone with the same job, and “necessary” if they are central to the performance of the job (no, lattes don’t count). You’ll be well served to deduct only expenses for which you have documentation. Didn’t save your receipts? Comb through credit card and bank statements from last year in search of qualifying expenses—it could be very worth your while. Any questions you have about the validity of deductions are best addressed by a certified financial planner or tax preparer. Better safe than sorry.

Some deductions are obvious, such as rent, capital expenses (like furniture), business expenses (like advertising) or charitable donations, but some others may not be so obvious. The fees to renew your professional license may be deductible, as well as any expenses you may have incurred while attending an industry trade show or educational event.

Tax Day


Recent changes to the tax code—specifically the “2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which is thousands of pages long—may impact your business or your reporting requirements. If you have the means, it may make sense to consult with a certified tax preparer before filing your taxes to ensure that you’re both complying with every new provision and getting the maximum benefit.


A common refrain in this blog has been reporting. The ability to generate an accurate report of what was done, who was paid and when is critical at tax time. If you are running your business on paper ledgers or shoeboxes full of receipts, this might present obstacles to easily answering the many questions a tax return requires.

While moving to a business management software platform at this point won’t help with last year’s taxes, now is the perfect time to commit to installing one for the next year. If you were savvy enough to install software from the beginning, then you are likely enjoying answering your accountant’s questions with the push of a button. Some of these software suites provide dozens, even hundreds, of reports that can answer any question that might arise.

Learn how our Orchid Spa software can make sure you are Tax-ready by visiting this product page.

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How to Prepare Clients for your Reopening 

reopening spa

So you’ve been given the green-light to re-open the doors to your spa and allow clients back, you’ve exhaustively cleaned your salon and reviewed new sanitation guidelines with your staff. Now it’s time to initiate your spas marketing campaigns to clients helping prepare them for what to expect once they arrive for their post COVID-19 appointment. Staying open will not only require herculean cleaning efforts from your staff, but will also require your clients to adhere to new safety guidelines intended for suppressing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many of your clients have been confined to their homes for the past couple of months and will likely require some reassurance from you as a business that you are prepared to keep them safe.

In order to best prepare your clients for what the new normal will look like when they come in, they will need you to walk them through expectations. We here at Orchid Spa Software have compiled some best practices to consider when reaching out to your customers. Below you will find tips from our very own marketing team who want you to be best prepared in this stressful time.

What you need to be informing your clients on

spa cleaning   Reassure clients of your new cleaning protocols

services spa   What services will be available 

spa booking   How your clients should expect to book their appointment


Better your Email and Text Communications

Camilla, Orchid Campaigns Manager

The Covid-19 virus has many people reconsidering every interaction and as businesses begin to re-open across the US, keeping your clients informed is the key to maintaining your relationships and retaining client loyalty. Here are some tips to help you communicate effectively and win back your customers for a busy (and profitable!) reopening.

Email Communications

Catchy Subject Line – On average, email open rates are between 15-25%. As consumers inbox’s fill up – how do you get your email opened and engaged with over the competition? You need to stand out! The first step to a great email is a great subject line, in fact, 33% of email recipients will open emails because of a catchy subject line. Choose subject lines that create urgency, incorporate a question in your subject line to rise curiosity, use personalization by adding your client’s name, or end your subject line with an eye-catching emoji.

The Right Time – During a time of crisis, when you communicate with customers is as important as what you communicate. You can look at tons of statistics for the best day and time to send an email to your list, but my advice? Although these statistics can help you decide, its best to draw on your own data rather than just go by case studies. Start testing different send times or run reports for prior emails to see what days and times have performed well in the past. This is where a business management software with email marketing and open rate reporting capabilities can help!

The Right Tone – Now you have your catchy subject line in place and a good send time, you need to think about your brand’s tone. Recent weeks have been tough for everyone and as we try and navigate to a new normal, you need to communicate with empathy and transparency. As everyone is being flooded with emails regarding COVID-19, remain considerate in how often you’re sending your emails, make sure the goal of your email is to remain helpful and informative, and ensure you tailor your language to the situation as it evolves. 

spa reopening


Be Clear & Transparent – To maximize the impact of your email, make sure you have a clear goal in mind and keep that focus throughout your message. If your email campaign’s goal is to increase bookings for when you reopen, make sure your email has a clear call to action directing them to book an appointment through your online booking website, social media accounts, or by phone (however your business functions). Keep your emails short and to the point, with the most important information closest to the top. 

It’s impossible to predict what is going to happen, but whether your business is opening within the next few days or weeks – the above guidelines will help you start crafting your communication plan. Just remember to leave room to pivot as the situation changes and ensure you are always showing the humanity behind your business brand.

spa text campaign

Text Communications

While emails are a great way to communicate – texting is becoming more and more popular among businesses as it provides a greater sense of urgency, with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of being received. Utilizing text campaigns alongside your email campaigns is a great way to get the word out efficiently and reach more of your clients. 

If you are considering texting your clients regarding your business reopening, you will want to make sure your texts are brief and focused. When it comes to texting, your message should be no longer than 160 characters – so there isn’t room for any extra fluff. Make sure your text communications clearly state your focus for reopening your business and keep your frequency and timing appropriate to your client’s expectations.

Some other things to keep in mind when texting your clients? Get permission! Always make sure your clients have opted in to receiving your texts and always make sure they have a way to opt-out. This is where a business management software with text marketing capabilities can assist you in setting up an automatic system to allow clients to reply with a particular word such as “STOP” to opt-out. You can also encourage opt-ins via email marketing campaigns letting your clients know the value they will gain from receiving your text campaigns. 

spa web design

Optimize your Website for New Business Opportunities

Brock, Inkbook SEO Strategist 

Many of your existing clients know where to find your business and hopefully follow your social channels or are subscribed to your email list and are all set with how to book their appointment.. But you may see a surge of new clients as not all spas are prepared to open and sadly some may never reopen due to financial hardship from this pandemic. The first place these new clients will go to find you is with a search on google to find “spa near me”, this keyword is entered into google 301,000 times a month. Be prepared for increased traffic to your website and be sure your google ‘my business’ account has been updated with accurate address, phone number and link to your website. Additionally, once new users arrive at your website there are a few things you can do to capture new business.

 Once the new potential client arrives at your website’s homepage it takes about .05 seconds for them to establish an opinion about your website and evaluate whether or not you offer something they want to purchase. Normally a new client is just establishing whether you have potential to offer what they need, but new clients now are going to be primarily interested in finding businesses that are open. Additionally, 100% of your web visitors see the top hero space of your homepage, but as soon as they have to scroll down it drops to 66% which means your COVID “We’re OPEN” message needs to be above to fold in this hero space. Consider replacing your existing hero banner with covid specific language prompting them to see that you are open and ready to make appointments.

reopen spa

Amplify your Message on Social

Bria, Inkbook Social Media Manager 

Building social awareness is the fastest way to reach your clients. Your clients are typically on social media, and itching to find out the next update on when you are reopening. Find a way to build momentum, by sharing some of your favorite styles you’ve done 2 weeks prior to opening. Share your excitement about how you can’t wait to style hair and do what you love! A week before reopening, give a date letting your customers know you are preparing to reopen for business. Let them know bookings are open and that you are ready to serve. Most importantly, let your clients know in a creative way, how you are staying clean. Create a fun video of you explaining how you clean your spa, and what you plan to do before and after each customer. Use your Instagram stories to share what you’re doing one by one. Because you are on social media, be open and honest. You want your client to be 100% sure that their stylist has their best interest in mind. Following these steps on social media, will have your salon up and running in no time! 

Now is the time to position your company for success if you have the opportunity to do so. Streamlined communication between you and your staff as well as to your clients will help set a strong foundation for you to propel your business forward. Clients will be nervous, your staff will be nervous and likely you as a business owner are nervous. Don’t ignore the nerves, acknowledge them and do your part to position your staff to follow health and safety guidelines and educate your clients on how they can adhere to those guidelines as well. We love seeing what business owners are doing to innovate during these uncertain times so connect with us via social and share the content you created to reopen and hopefully help you stay open.

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7 Reasons Your Spa Needs Text Marketing

spa text marketing

54% of consumers want to receive marketing messages through texts. However, only 11% of businesses are using text messaging as a part of their marketing strategy!

This is your chance to get ahead of other spas in your area. By sending an SMS blast to your clients, you can remain top of mind year-round. Text message marketing can help you generate word of mouth, improve engagement with your clients, and show your clients you appreciate your business.

Don’t wait around! Instead, untangle your marketing strategy by adding SMS text messaging to the mix. Here are seven reasons your spa needs SMS blast marketing.

7 Reasons Your Spa Needs Text Marketing:

1. Text Marketing is Direct

Consumers are becoming more aware of when businesses are trying to sell at them, rather than communicate with them. Throughout any given day, we’re spammed with emails, flyers, and billboards. Many of us have adopted mental filters to clear away the junk.

If the recipient doesn’t know and trust you, they’re not likely to open a physical or email messages.

Meanwhile, social media is becoming increasingly competitive. If people don’t already know and love your brand, you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd. As social media algorithms change, it’s also challenging to appear in tags and feeds.

As a result, businesses need to find smarter ways to reach their customers.

Unlike these other marketing channels, texts arrive directly in front of your target audience. That means you don’t have to break out of the competition. Instead, you can reach your subscribers and appear among texts from friends and family.

promotional text on phone

2. Customers are More Likely to Respond

Before you can communicate with your subscribers through email, you need them to open the message first. Otherwise, you’re headed straight for the spam box.

According to Adobe:

  • Email open rates range between 20 and 30%
  • Meanwhile, SMS text message marketing has a 98% open rate
  • 90% of texts are read within three seconds

Previously, sending an SMS blast was considered invasive. People used to pay for every message they received. Now, most smartphone owners also have unlimited texting.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about becoming an annoyance. Instead, consumers prefer texts among other communication methods. When you’re less invasive, people are more likely to read your messages and respond. That means using text message marketing can improve your clickthrough and conversion rates. As more people read and respond to your texts, you’re also boosting engagement with your target audience!

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Text messages are short, sweet, and easy to consume. Unlike an email, phone call, or long blog post, texts aren’t time-consuming. Plus, consumers constantly have their phones in hand. That means your clients can read and respond to an SMS blast anytime, anywhere!

This flexibility makes it easier for clients to respond to your texts. As a result, you’re also more likely to notice an increase in engagement, too.

Emails, on the other hand, require time and energy. Instead of sending a quick response, recipients have to click a link and perform a second action on your website. That’s not always easy if your clients are balancing other tasks. Instead, text message marketing provides your clients with the flexibility and easy other marketing channels lack.

text marketing

4. It’s Convenient for Your Customers

Do you remember the last time you had to call a company’s customer support team for help? What about the last time you needed to schedule a doctor’s appointment?

For consumers, interacting with employees can feel tedious. Unhappy experiences can scare away clients forever.

You’re busy helping clients who are already in your spa. While someone is likely answering the phone, they can’t respond to three calls at once. An SMS blast, on the other hand, is convenient for you and your customers.

Since text messages aren’t invasive, your clients can respond at any time. Texts allow customers to live their lives while communicating with your spa. After all, we text while balancing other tasks every day of the week! By sending an SMS blast, you’re making it easier for clients to interact with your spa.

They can receive appointment confirmations or hear about your newest hair care products, all while taming their locks at home. Text message marketing also makes it easy for your clients to opt-in and out of texts. If receiving texts no longer feels convenient to them, they can opt-out with a single text. Easy!

5. We Already Text (A Lot)

Text messaging is already a part of our everyday lives. In fact, texting has replaced phone calls for many consumers. Your clients are already accustomed to the speed, flexibility, and ease of texts.

By adding text messaging to your marketing plan, you can create a strategy that your target audience already loves.

6. Younger Customers Prefer Texts

68% of millennials admit to texting “a lot” every day. If you’re trying to attract a younger crowd to your spa, marketing through an SMS blast is the way to go!

Text-based marketing allows you to respond to this preference. Many consumers prefer typing over talking. They also prefer short messages over lengthy emails and blog posts.

Text message marketing encourages you to keep your messages short and sweet. It can sometimes take a while for email images to load, too. The longer it takes for an image to properly display, the more likely your clients will move on something else. Text message marketing can help you avoid this issue.

text marketing

7. It’s Cost-Effective & Easy

Some marketing methods can become costly and time-consuming. Sending an SMS blast, on the other hand, is as easy as sending a text. Instead of wasting time creating a long email, you can type out a text in a matter of seconds! Then, you can get back to running your spa.

By choosing text message marketing, you’re giving yourself a break. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about finding time for an extensive marketing plan.

Get Started With Text Marketing

Untangle your marketing plan! By adding an SMS blast to your overall marketing strategy, you can reach your clients without becoming an annoyance. Without this strategy, however, you might miss out!

Orchid Software allows you to send SMS blasts to your clients with ease. Learn more by visiting this page.

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Spa Owners: Ditch Pen & Paper for Maximum Efficiency and Success

spa business

Since the dawn of spa businesses, there have been blotter calendars at the front desk (with plenty of pencils!) but as with most other areas of life, tech is taking over. Spa businesses managing their clients and appointments by using paper calendars & files makes it tedious, time-consuming, and more than occasionally, frustrating. Imagine spending more time searching for information than actually using that information – does this sound like an efficient use of your time?

There are things that technology will never replace. For example, even if a robot could be trained to give massages many clients would still prefer the personal touch of a real person.

This does not mean that technology doesn’t have a place within all spa businesses, in fact, modern clients are starting to demand apps, 24/7 schedule access, text reminders, and other tech perks. In an automated app-happy world, spa businesses need to keep up with the times or get taken out by their competition. Here are a few real reasons why it might be time to take tech seriously:

Old School Appointment Books Just Aren’t Cutting it Anymore

There’s one truth when it comes to providing spa services – time is money. This means that every minute spent on anything other than your spa services is actually costing you in the long run. But ignoring “administration” (from payroll to client tracking to appointment reminders) can spell disaster for your business. So….

Either allocate part of your day to managing the business (hopefully not at the expense of servicing your clients!) or hire someone to manage the business, track your appointments, and file your taxes.

Regardless of how well you execute either approach, you’re pretty much-losing money either way. If your new assistant makes a mistake (doesn’t everyone?) or late hours and constant multitasking lets someone fall through the cracks, now in addition to losing money, you’re losing clientele as well!

Look, there are only 24 hours in a day, and even you can’t work all of them. Years ago, there simply weren’t other options, but times have changed and technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life – including spa business operations. Simple, affordable software can grow your business, save you money, and attract new clientele.

spa business

The Benefits of Software For Spa Businesses

Freeing yourself from blotter calendars (which are really hard to read when you’re anywhere but at your business location) is not the only advantage of digital business management solutions. Incorporating spa software into your operation can reduce scheduling mistakes, save you money, automate your client communications, re-engage dormant clients, speed your payroll processing or tax reporting, simplify your inventory controls, even earn you more money!

The fact is people feel busier than ever (spoiler alert: we’re not), and taking the time to stop and schedule a spa appointment simply may not make it onto the daily to-do list, especially if that requires a phone call.

Now, you may have a handful of clients that have their standing appointments on the same day and time every month. Those clients are great to have, and we all wish we had more of them. But what about new clients that are just visiting for their first or second time?

Are they really going to remember that follow-up appointment they booked? And if you say that you’re going to remind them, isn’t this more time that you have to spend outside of providing your services? Are they then going to take the time to call and rebook?

Fortunately, the right spa software program will handle this for you. It will send out an email or text message directly to your client, reminding them of their upcoming appointment and even update your online appointment book when they confirm from that message. This simple reminder can dramatically reduce “no shows”, which in turn, means more revenue.

Mobile App, day spa

Data Don’t Lie

Staying ahead of the competition means offering new services to your clientele. But how do you go about this? Well, to start, you’ll need to know what your clients already love. This means knowing what your high-value services are – the ones that sell every month without fail.

There also may be services on your menu that simply aren’t priced correctly, and are costing you more than they are earning you.

The ability to analyze your margins and give you the visibility to pivot and create new and better offers is dependent upon you having all the data in front of you. Which traditionally is something small businesses just didn’t have.

Spa software means you can now tap into that business management capability. Now you can know in minutes which services are the best ones to run a sale on (and how much of a sale you can afford)  which are the best sellers, and even the time of year when they’re most likely to sell.

A database of client activity (like you get with spa software) also means you can target your marketing. You can send a promotional offer to everyone who bought a certain product and offer a limited-time discount on their purchase of it with their next visit. You can create new offers and send them to your best customers. You can even create these “campaigns” and they will run automatically!  Create a campaign that goes out to every client you haven’t seen in 9 weeks (we haven’t seen you in a while”), or send a campaign to everyone who received a spa service with a polite reminder that, in order to keep feeling fresh, they should return every 8 weeks.

It’s also worth mentioning that spa software is a great place to store your client contact data – every phone number and email address, accessible from any internet-enabled device, anytime you want.

Moving client data into a database makes it searchable, accessible and actionable. Data becomes mobile-friendly, which means faster response times. Your business data is also more easily “backed up” when digital, easily safeguarding your business records.

Spa Businesses Finding the Right Software

So are you ready to say goodbye to your old appointment books and index cards? Congrats! Now it’s time to find the right spa software to fit your business needs.

We know all of the ways the right software can help you build your business which is why we’ve incorporated them into one platform.

Set up appointment reminders, manage payroll (including tiered commissions), offer online booking, and manage your online reputation (get better reviews by asking for them) from within one seamless experience, whether you’re on your phone at home, on a tablet at your chair or at the front desk computer.

Connecting your business to your phone (through Apple or Android) means you can manage your business from the palm of your hand.  It also means your staff can check their schedules (without calling in) and get automatically notified of cancellations.

Want to learn more about how Orchid can help your business? Download a 14-day free trial today and see for yourself. Once you appreciate the impact of software on your small business, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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Top Takeaways from the 2019 U.S. Small Business Technology Trends Report – Salon and Spa Market

As the backbone of the U.S. economy, small businesses are far from being small potatoes. In an increasingly commercial world, the allure of “mom and pop” operations and the commitment to shopping locally has resurged. However, small spas can’t afford to function less optimally than their corporate counterparts. Spa owners still need to manage a rapidly changing market and increasing expectations in the digital age. Traditional pen and paper business management tactics won’t keep pace with the pressures of tech-inclined clients.

As a result, many small spa business owners are evaluating and implementing software tools that not only enable them to remain competitive, but that also empower growth. To understand this shift and how it impacts our customers’ needs, DaySmart Software, the makers of Orchid business management software, partnered with research firm Researchscape International to survey more than 590 U.S. small business owners in the salon and spa industries on their technology investments and the challenges they’re facing. These are some of the top takeaways.

The State of U.S. Small Salon and Spa Businesses in 2019

Despite today’s complicated business landscape, salons and spas in the United States are growing. Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents indicated that their sales increased from 2017 to 2018. What’s more, 60 percent of respondents make more than $100,000 in annual revenues, and 30 percent make more than $300,000. So small salon and spa businesses are not only surviving in the market, but many are thriving.

Even with this success, however, 58 percent of respondents say the number one concern keeping them up at night is making enough money. This worry is compounded by the top challenges that salon and spa owners say they face, including:

  • marketing to prospective or current customers
  • making enough money
  • controlling costs
  • finding new customers
  • managing time


In response to these variables, salons and spas are prioritizing investments in technology. Fifty-six percent of respondents use business management software to manage their daily operations. Furthermore, the types of technology they select speak to the priorities of consumers and the market. The top areas of investment in 2019 for salon and spa owners are marketing software (36 percent), POS systems (33 percent) and cloud software (16 percent)—and they are seeing direct results.

The Benefits of Going Digital

According to DaySmart’s survey, small U.S. salon and spa businesses that use business management software see major business benefits:

  • 62 percent saw reduced manual effort and paperwork
  • 56 percent saw decreased missed appointments
  • 52 percent saw increased customer satisfaction

All devices orchid

To reap these results, salon and spa owners must choose a software solution with capabilities that solve for their specific business needs. According to DaySmart’s survey, the number one software feature that small salon and spa business owners look for is scheduling, followed by automating customer communications and POS. These priorities—which streamline time-consuming tasks for employees—reflect the need for modern businesses to optimize productivity to compete in today’s market and deliver better-than-ever customer service.

Interestingly, though, salon and spa owners who use business management software still face a significant challenge: keeping pace with their own growth. They worry more about managing cash flow and inventory than owners who do not use business management software. As money keeps salon and spa owners up at night, this is not necessarily a bad problem to have.

Salon and spa owners who haven’t adopted software yet may be part of the 23 percent of respondents who said they don’t have the internal expertise required. The other top barriers to software adoption are concerns about cybersecurity risks and not understanding which tools are needed to solve business problems.

Salon and spa owners are constantly vying to create long-lasting, loyal customer relationships—which requires juggling multiple trends and competitors and wearing multiple hats. However, by investing in the right digital solutions, small salon and spa owners will find it easier to run and grow their businesses than ever before.

Download the full 2019 U.S. Small Business Technology Trends Report – Salon and Spa Market here. To learn how Orchid can help you address these challenges and grow your business, visit our product page here.

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Customer Spotlight: Pure Touch Skin Center

Pure Touch

Orchid Spa customers are passionate small business owners who excel at what they do. As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we created a monthly Customer Spotlight series to showcase our customers’ expertise in growing successful businesses.

For this month’s Customer Spotlight, we sat down with Katherine Juarez, Director of Operations at Pure Touch Skin Center. Here’s the story of how Katherine got to where she is today:

What made you want to run a spa?

Before running Pure Touch, I worked in the cosmetic industry for 15 years. I was an RN at a hospital, doing research, but the job was intense. I moved into hair transplants, knowing I could make people happy. After that transition, I found a mentor—a surgeon who worked in facial reconstruction. With a bit of guidance, and through seeing their career, I knew I wanted to run my own business.

Fast forward to meeting with the owners of Pure Touch. At the time, they had 23 RNs and 12 receptionists, were open every day of the week and were continually adding new procedures to their services lists. Even with two medical directors, they were struggling to manage every aspect of the business efficiently.

When I came on, the first thing I did was look at the business and make sure everything was accounted for. With my experience in the plastic surgery and cosmetic field, I had several connections and friends who I could bring in to support operations. I was also able to provide hands-on training, which is something I love most about my job.

In particular, I wanted to make sure Pure Touch was using all the tools at its disposal—including Orchid Spa software. The owners had bought Orchid Spa just before I was hired, but no one had sifted through all the capabilities available to us. It was not being used to its fullest potential.

pure touch

How do you use Orchid Spa to support your business?

I use Orchid Spa to look at appointments every day. Using the dashboard, we can see how many appointments we have on a daily basis and what our business productivity is. Additionally, Orchid has an amazing feature that allows us to send automated text messages and email reminders when patients book appointments. This function helps us keep patients accountable.

More importantly, Orchid Spa makes it incredibly easy to schedule follow-up appointments, which is essential in our industry. If a patient comes in for a procedure, like Botox, they need to come back in three months. With Orchid Spa, our follow-up rate increased from 10% to 60%. And—since we switched to Orchid’s POS—we can charge patients as a no-show when they miss appointments.

All devices orchid

Orchid also provides our business with great visibility. Using the software, we are able to toggle between our two locations. I can see retail sales, services sales and total sales on a daily, monthly or annual basis. The leaderboard shows me who brings in the most money to our practice. I can run a full client report to see how many clients were added on any given day and who hasn’t made an appointment recently. Based on this information, I can send out full marketing campaigns and email blasts to encourage repeat business and notify patients of promotional offers.

Ultimately, Orchid Spa makes my life, and the lives of my employees, easier. It shows us when we’re running out of products and need to reorder, so there’s never a shortage. Profit and loss reports help to justify financial decisions, such as investing in a new piece of equipment. The information we need to do our jobs well is available and actionable within two minutes. That level of access is what sets us apart from other businesses and makes sure we are runny smoothly every day.