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6 Essential Spa Marketing Strategies to Keep Momentum Rolling

spa marketing

Time spent at a spa is a wonderful treat for anyone and many potential customers are waiting. You can help them find your business with creative, effective spa marketing strategies.

If you’re ready for some great ways to market your spa, read on to learn 6 must-try spa marketing strategies to use that will boost your bottom line.

1. Local SEO

Potential clients will do much of their research on the internet. Whether they’re looking for a different spa or are completely new to the world of luxury treatments, it’s likely that these clients will turn to an internet search for ideas on which spa to try.

Make sure your business will show up in the first few listings for local spas. Claim your local listings using Google Places, Bing Places, and Yahoo Localworks. Setting up a profile and customizing it with regularly updated information and photos helps local clients find your business right away.

Another great way to boost local SEO is by creating and maintaining a blog that focuses on:

  • Your niche
  • Your specific community
  • Your services

This is a good opportunity to appeal to potential customers on a personal level. Your blog’s content can be tailored to fit the values and needs of people within your community.

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2. Invest in a Quality Website

Once visitors find you in a search, give them a clean, efficient, informative online experience. Your online presence will have a huge impact on your conversion rates.

This means that you can turn more casual visitors into paying customers simply by having a helpful and appealing website.

A great spa website:

  • Is SEO friendly
  • Has your contact information clearly displayed on every landing page
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Allows clients to book appointments online
  • Includes short, informative videos
  • States how your spa will benefit the client
  • Shows what sets your spa apart from others
  • Has a great “About” page introducing spa workers
  • Lists all services
  • Offers discounts and specials
  • Provides a way to join a client email list.

Visitors won’t give you a lot of time when they initially land on your site, so make sure you’ve made it uncluttered and visually appealing. This ensures you’ll get and hold their attention. It’s also important to provide quality, educational content for visitors. This gives potential clients the feeling that you’re there to help, not just to sell.

spa marketing

3. Use Video Spa Marketing

In a fast-paced, visually oriented world, videos are a marketing must. Their power goes far beyond the traditional TV commercial clip in today’s digital world. Video is everywhere, and it’s the preferred way of receiving content. Videos pack a lot of information in a short time slot, with very little effort required from the viewer.

Your videos can appear:

For a luxury spa, videos can be especially effective. Potential clients will see someone receiving a rejuvenating spa treatment or massage, or will get a quick but thorough explanation of spa services. Your spa looks professional and inviting in a simple, compelling video. Spa marketing strategies that include video marketing have a greater success rate than those who do not.

In fact, videos included in your marketing emails can boost click-through rates by a staggering 200-300%! When included in your website’s landing page, videos can give you an 80% increase in conversion rates. Those statistics are hard to ignore. Your marketing strategies should include video content whenever possible.

4. Utilize Social Media Spa Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching a broad and varied audience. It’s among the best spa marketing strategies because it’s personal, it’s budget-friendly, and it’s effective.

It works well for a number of reasons. There are 2 billion people using Facebook and nearly 800 million active users on Instagram. These are just two of many platforms. This demonstrates how vast your potential audience can be when using social media.

Social media helps you promote your business actively and passively. You put the effort into making informative, compelling posts and updates. Your followers then frequently “like” them and “share” them with their friends and family.

A post or update with a lot of likes and shares boosts your reputation and makes you seem worth a person’s time and consideration. While you can pay for ads on social media platforms, you’ll also get a lot of exposure by simply maintaining a business page that users can follow.

You can also offer promotional giveaways on social media that encourage people to enter by liking or sharing posts. This makes entry easy for them, so participation is increased.

marketing strategy

5. Partner with Non-competitive Local Businesses

The spa industry is all about promoting health and well-being. Because of this fundamental purpose, there are many local businesses that you can network with that share a similar mission.

Consider networking with:

  • Hairdressers and stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Holistic medicine practitioners
  • Chiropractors

These businesses will have clientele similar to your own. The same types of clients that seek their services would be likely to seek your services as well. This can be helpful to you in a number of ways.

These other businesses can recommend your spa to their clients. Since they’ve already established themselves to their clientele as a trustworthy business, these clients will be more inclined to give their recommendation a try.

There are also cross-promotion opportunities. It’s possible to attract more customers for one another with strategies like internal flyer distribution, business card distribution, and posted advertisements.

6. Good Old-Fashioned Superior Service

Those who seek spa treatment generally do so because they have an issue they need to be addressed. Offering superior solutions to client problems to establish your business as an inviting, top-notch service worth recommending.

When you have a satisfied client base, they’ll be quick to tell others about your spa. You can motivate them further by offering rewards to existing clients for referrals and specials to newly referred clients.

lady serving food

Spa Marketing Strategies that Work

Drawing new clients to your luxury spa isn’t complicated or difficult, but you have to be active and use the right avenues to get exposure. Using these strategies can quickly increase your visibility, resulting in more clients.

If you’re ready to boost your luxury spa marketing strategies and improve your business and client management systems, contact us today for more information.

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The Important Impression You Can Make With Your Esthetician Uniform

esthetician uniform

Should you wear your esthetician uniform?

The pandemic has changed the way salon and spas operate. Regardless, this never stopped customers from visiting, especially now that everything is starting to ease up and improve. Soon, we can expect to return to normal working hours, and by then, will you need your work uniform?

The esthetician spa uniform has always had a positive effect on business. It’s part of the first thing a customer sees when they visit your establishment. This is also the last thing they see when they leave, which helps build an impression for your customer.

If you’re still unsure of whether you should enforce wearing a uniform in your spa, read what’s below. These are the benefits of wearing esthetician uniforms for business. Learn why wearing it is essential to business success!

1. Creates A Consistent Impression

The esthetician uniform your employee will use has your brand logo. These create a consistent impression that supports customer and clientele relationships. When a customer sees this, it lightens their mood, and they feel valued.

Regardless if it’s a return customer or a new customer, the uniform will help you gain their trust. They’ll know that the brand’s reputation will be at stake, ensuring that they’ll have an excellent experience while under your care.

This also gives off a sense of consistency in that everyone looks the same. Work uniforms are a great way for your customers to know whether they’re talking to a professional or another customer.

esthetician uniform

2. Creates A Sense of Pride

An esthetician spa uniform creates a sense of pride that benefits your employees. With improved motivation, you can expect an increase in their productivity. It’s a surefire way to cause your employees to do better at work.

With this, you can expect your customers to leave the spa satisfied with what they’ve had done to them. Without a doubt, the customer will come back to continue to do business with you. They may even bring new customers along since most people nowadays value professional work in any setting.

esthetician uniform

3. Improves Brand Awareness

When you receive a customer, you must be easy to recognize. Aside from your brand logo and advertisements, work uniforms can help you build brand awareness. This is a simple personalized experience that helps create a memorable brand identity.

Creating brand awareness is important for businesses as your competition will always grow. You need to employ strategies that establish the presence of your brand to avoid getting drowned out. Esthetician spa uniforms can make this happen, especially when they’re well-designed.

Nowadays, aesthetics is as important as the quality of service provided. If it appeals to the client, it will engage them and make them more likely to choose you over other brands. It allows you to have an edge when it comes to choosing between you and other spas.

It’s a simple way of representing your brand consistently throughout the workday. This makes wearing your uniform a great way to market your business passively.

4. Fosters Professionalism

You’ve probably heard this many times, but the term dress to impress also applies to work uniforms. Don’t forget that the beauty industry is about appearances.

Staff members in their uniforms are sure to look clean, smart, and stylish. Clients that observe this will see your staff as peerless professionals. This puts a client at ease because they know a professional will take care of their needs.

This also builds morale for both clients and staff members. When morale is high, this makes your staff work towards accomplishing a common goal and that’s to take care of the client. Clients are the first people to feel the high morale and this improves their mood.

esthetician uniform

5. Improves the Staff Comfort

Spa uniforms are not only about improving a brand image. They’re designed to provide comfort and safety to the staff while they work. This is because a beautician’s workplace often has many hazards like hot wax and chemicals.

Some workplaces allow their staff to come to work with their own choice of clothing. These often result in ruined clothes, which will cause customers to see the place as an unprofessional spa. It can also lower employee morale as it’s their clothes that get damaged.

You should invest in good materials when making your uniforms. These uniforms are easy to replace and are often built to protect you. This will improve worker comfort as they know they’ll get some protection when dealing with the chemicals in their line of work.

6. Cheap Advertising

Customizing work uniforms is a way to advertise your business at a low cost. With your brand logo added to the uniform, you advertise the spa to potential customers. This makes it easy to identify for both new and consistent clients.

A great way to do this is during the holidays. Customize your uniforms to go with the season. This way, potential customers get to relate to your brand easily, causing them to avail themselves of your services.

Clients love seasonal festivities, and doing this is an easy way to attract them. It’s also another way to build awareness for your business. Make sure not to forget the brand logo, and advertising will go easy.

7. Improves Work Appearance

Most esthetician uniforms are wrinkle-free and promote cleanliness. This improves the image of the brand and the staff. If a client sees a clean and neat appearance, they will feel more comfortable in the spa.

It’s an establishment that should promote cleanliness and relaxation, after all. A simple uniform can bring this out from your workers and workspace with ease. This effect gets elevated when wearing a medical esthetician uniform, as it doubles down on the cleanliness factor. 

Wear Your Esthetician Uniform Today

Wearing an esthetician uniform is a great way to improve your business in an instant. Uniforms will motivate your staff to work in unity and improve the quality of their service. Wear your esthetician uniform now and improve your workforce today!

Do you need software assistance for your spa business? Connect with us and know the service we can provide for you.

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Customer Spotlight: Allure Skin and Laser

Allure Skin and Laser

As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we’re spotlighting Orchid customers impacted by the pandemic to learn more about how they’ve adapted their operations to overcome resulting business challenges. The passion and innovation of these customers have never been more pronounced than in their responses to the difficulties posed by the coronavirus outbreak, and we hope their stories serve as a guide for those navigating similarly difficult situations.


We recently spoke with Ann Ossanna, owner of Allure Skin and Laser in Queen Creek, AZ, to learn more about her experience running a medical spa during a pandemic, including how she’s using software to mitigate business disruption.

Q: To start, we’d love to learn a little more about your business.

A: We opened in 2008 as a medical practice and quickly expanded into an aesthetics one. What sets us apart from other spas is that we have an onsite, board-certified doctor available to answer staff and patient questions.


We specialize in anything skin related: injectables, Botox, Juvéderm, laser photo facials and hair removal, various chemical peels, antiaging rejuvenation and micro needling—we like to offer the newest technologies that are available. We also sell medical-grade skincare, including our own private label.

Q: How long have you been using Orchid? What’s been your experience with it?

A: We’ve been using Orchid since the beginning, when it was still on discs! Before that, we were using an EMR system, then paper charts. Now we’re using the online version of Orchid. We use the software for scheduling, check-in and checkout processes and to send text and email reminders.


We love having the Orchid app because it allows us to keep track of what’s going on at the spa even when we’re out of office. We can easily check inventory and schedules in real time. Especially during the pandemic, the app was helpful because it gave us remote access to the inventory so that we could pull together product for clients, and it allowed us to conduct virtual consultations.

Allure Skincare

Q: How has the pandemic impacted the way your med spa operates?

A: We were closed for service for about six weeks at the start, which was understandable because I didn’t think we were an essential business. Fortunately, we were able to keep our staff on payroll throughout the closure. During that time, we were offering curbside pickup for products.


We’re reopened now, limiting the number of patients in the space and staggering appointments. We try to keep the waiting room empty and get clients right into their treatment rooms. We’ve also decluttered the waiting area by eliminating items people could touch. Everyone wears masks at the spa, and we’re immediately disinfecting everything that people touch, like phones and pens.


As a medical spa, we’ve been thoroughly disinfecting for the past ten years. For example, if we do a laser treatment, we wipe down every surface—the cords, the touch screens, the chairs. We’ve always been careful about maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness because we recognize that people are choosing to come in, so we want to put safety first and offer them a high quality of service.

Q: Are there any changes you’ve made to how you run your business that you intend to uphold once business returns to normal?

A: We’re not charging late fees if patients aren’t feeling well. If that’s the case, we’re happy to reschedule—we’ll continue doing that.

Q: Are you preparing for a potential coronavirus resurgence?

A: The idea of a resurgence is always present. Even before we officially shut down the first time, we had been thinking about how we could wind business down, as it didn’t feel right to stay open during that time. If we have to close again, we will do whatever is required because the ultimate goal is safety for everyone, including my staff and their families. We need to keep looking at the long term, and if there’s something we can do in the short term to help that, then we’re going to do it.


To learn more about how Orchid Software can help with your business’ reopening—as well as other key tips for business owners during this time—visit our blog.

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7 Ways To Prepare Your Spa For Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

When American Express started Small Business Saturdays, or at least when they got involved, small business owners rejoiced.

Not only was it part of Amex’s plan to lower their rates for businesses, but it brought some love back to Main street. To this day, businesses all over the US look forward to Small Business Saturday.

It’s like Black Friday, but you don’t have to come up with any insane deals. Want some idea on what to do to celebrate SBS? Read below.

1. Double Check Your Website

When you’re going into Small-Business Saturday, you want to make your spa as accessible to clients as possible. That means having the most up-to-date website available.

Take a look at your site. Are your headers still pushing promotions from two months ago? If so, get your content team to create some more, stat.

You can even create specific content for Small Business Saturday. American Express will help can with that, which we’ll discuss later.

Make sure your Google maps plugin is working and that your hours are correct. Will you be open extra hours for that weekend?

Let your clients know.

spa online booking

2. Write a Blog Post

Why not let your clients know everything you’re doing to prepare for Small Business Saturday? Write a blog post and publish it on your social media channels.

Tell clients, in the blog post, what hours you’re open that day. Are you having any specials? What’s the sale or deal you’re offering?

You can even put a call to action at the end of the post asking them to share. People who engage with SBS are local-business minded, so they’re likely to encourage others to be as well.

3. Create a Text Reminder

As you prepare for small business Saturday, why not open up a clever sales funnel?

Ask clients who engage with your SBS pages to give you their phone number. Let them know you’ll text them to remind them about the upcoming events and what your business has planned.

Even if they don’t visit you on that Saturday, now you have their information for future marketing ventures.

If you don’t have or don’t want to pay for a texting service, you can always use email. There are even Facebook Bots that you can set up now for customers to opt-in to.

Don’t overload them though, no matter the platform you choose. You don’t want to annoy them before they have a chance to support your spa.

small business saturday

4. Use American Express’ Marketing

American Express started Small Business Saturday, at least the way it exists now. They used to charge different fees than other credit cards did for processing. That meant it was too expensive for small business owners to accept American Express cards.

Amex figured out that they were losing business this way and changed their tune. To broadcast their new small-business friendly vibe, they threw a bunch of money into SBS.

It took off and has been great for local economies ever since. Part of the money they threw went into creating marketing templates specifically for SBS.

They have things you can download and semi-customize like social posts, signs, email templates — the whole nine yards. If you’re participating, you should have gotten an email.

If not, log onto their site and download away.

Request a marketing package and make sure you put the graphics to good use. People do know about SBS, but they forget and their lives get busy.

Every time they see your SBS marketing copy, it’s one more reminder that flags that date in their brain.

5. Give Back

Yes, we know, you don’t run specials to lose money. But if you can afford to donate even 5% of the profits from your SBS promotion, that’s even more reason for people to shop with you.

Is there a relevant charity in your area? Maybe you run a health store and you could make an in-kind donation to cancer charities. Or maybe you’ll donate a percent for every SBS special you sell.

It doesn’t have to be particularly related to your business. You’re allowed to have personal favorite charities and to use your profits to donate them.

But if those organizations are heavily political or religious, maybe skip this tip.

small business saturday

6. Collaborate with Other SBS Businesses

Is your location in a crowded area with other shops? In a mall or a strip mall? Display a map of other businesses that are participating.

You can even team up with one and offer 10% off their purchase at the other business once they buy from you — and vice versa.

If you want to go even further than that, bring another businesses products into your store. Is there a nearby bakery or coffee shop?

Put out a plate of samples of their famous cookies/scones/whatever with a sign about where they’re from.

While yes, SBS is about driving profits, it’s also about creating and nurturing community. When one part of a community succeeds, so do the others. How can you help someone else this SBS?

7. Create Exclusivity

There’s something selfish about the way humans love to be in on a secret. You know how some stores do early-shopping events for cardholders or VIP?

Why not reveal your new facial product? Anyone who presents a receipt from a purchase or appointment on Small Business Saturday can get a sample.

This not only rewards them and delivers value, but it gives them a sense of urgency about visiting you on that specific day.

Your Small Business Saturday

Are you looking forward to the upcoming business holiday? Do you have something special planned?

Or maybe you had no ideas and now you have a well-thought-out plan. One can hope our article was that helpful, right?

Whatever you end up doing for Small Business Saturday, remember it’s about community and be kind. That’s the best business practice there is.

If you want to update your software before the big day, click here to see our options.

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The Benefits of Integrating Credit Card Processing With Your Software

credit card processing

Integrating Your Software With Your Credit Card Transactions

Your spa business consists of a series of many daily processes, but if you can’t fit all these pieces together, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Aligning your spa administration, customer management, and credit card transactions seems like the smart choice (and it is!), but too many spas still use third party payment processors or insist on taking cash only.

Cash may be king, but cash-only businesses are a thing of the past. In fact, in a recent study by Consumer Credit, only 14% of respondents said they use cash for everyday purchases while 80% of respondents said they use their debit cards. Cash only spas run the risk of losing customers because they are not offering modern payment systems. 

Customers at spa expect their checkout experience to be simple and fast – this is where integrated credit card processing comes in. Read on to learn how integrating payment systems with your spa software can help strengthen your business as a whole, not just at checkout.

Improve Customer Experience

Integrated credit card processing can create a seamless checkout experience for your clients. No more switching between systems as your client waits, allow them to leave their wallets at home, as you charge their card on file, prompt them through the checkout process to leave a tip, and email receipts.

Integrated payments act as a detailed customer database for your business and with modern systems, customers can access a portal to update their profiles, including their credit card information so their payments are always up to date.

Effortlessly track clients previous purchases to improve engagement, create targeted promotions and upsell and cross-sell. Did your client previously buy a moisturizer that is now on sale? If your client management system is integrated with your payment processor, you can easily collect this kind of information, and let them know in real-time!

credit card transactions

Streamline Business Operations

Integrating payments with your spa software will free up time spent on manual processes and help ease day to day tasks. 

No more spending hours reconciling bank statements to determine if you’ve been paid correctly for all your work, and forget the tedious manual data entry – integrated payments will ensure accurate, real-time transaction data and reduce costly human error.

Switching to an integrated credit card processor will also reduce your spa business’ risk from cash theft and vulnerability from hackers. The right processor will have security protocols that protect credit card data, and by encouraging credit card transactions you will have less cash at your spa. 

The less time you spend tracking payments and worrying about security, the more focus you can put into other critical areas of your spa!

Increase in Revenue

How can integrated credit card processing increase your spas’ revenue? Many clients ask this question. Since integrated credit card processing can update payment data automatically, there is no longer any need for an employee to manage any of this. 

In addition, integration simplifies the payment process, making it easier to train employees on how to process payments, allowing your spa to save money and time on training.

Keeping card numbers on file allows you to not only simplify checkout, but you can also charge a no-show fee or take deposits for appointments made online. No-shows can be especially costly to spa businesses and clients are a lot more likely to show up (or cancel in a timely manner) if they know they will be charged a fee.

You can also sell lucrative memberships or packages – this ensures passive recurring revenue and encourages your clients to book packages and services in advance. The easier it is for your clients – the more likely they are to book (and to recommend you to friends!)

credit card transactions

Take Advantage Of The Benefits of Integrated Credit Card Transactions

Integrated credit card processing offers opportunities for spas to save time, eliminate double data entry, increase cash flow, strengthen security, reduce expenses, and ensure effective workflow management. 

Consider using integrated credit card processing with your chosen software and start taking advantage of these many benefits to grow your spa!

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7 Tips on How to Be HIPAA Compliant with Your MedSpa


If you’re running a HIPAA complaint MedSpa, your clients know you’re offering the highest quality service. However, you’re walking a tightrope where you could be risking violations that could result in anything from $50,000 fines to time in jail. The first thing you need to do as a MedSpa is learn how to be HIPPA compliant so that you can train your staff and service providers.

As people age, they’re finding that medical spas can provide the kind of quick and simple skin care procedures they need to look healthy. Medical spas can get rid of wrinkles, spots, and keep the signs of aging at bay. As much as your clients love your services, they might not want everyone knowing that they don’t look so good naturally!

If you want to ensure that your office meets all the necessary HIPAA requirements, follow these 7 tips.

1. Confirmation Is Dangerous

As 84% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend, what people say about you online matters. You can even ask your clients to provide reviews for your services. It’s perfectly legal for someone to say what a great experience they had.

They can mention staff members by name and provide whatever details they’d like.

However, when you jump in and confirm their statements, you could be in rough territory. Confirming their statements confirms that they’re a patient and that they had those treatments done. Saying more than “We appreciate the kind feedback” could land you in violation territory.

You can’t disclose what your clients had done or who they’ve worked with. You can thank them but never acknowledge a relationship. When you say they’re a patient or that they had XYZ service provided, you’re in a way revealing their private and sensitive information.

Steer clear of violations by keeping your responses vague.


2. Steer Clear of Advice

If you think you should provide any advice to someone who comments or asks a question online, hold back. While there are open forums where some medical professionals offer feedback to questions, it’s a very slippery slope that could land you in court.

If someone on a form is a current client and you accidentally reveal that status, you’ve violated their privacy. If the discussion turns to specifics, turn back. Your best bet might be to avoid responding at all and to answer questions with links to your blog or service pages.

Giving out medical advice online is dangerous for a lot of reasons. People who don’t have adequate insurance or suspect they might have an issue could end up following feedback not intended for them. If you think someone needs your advice, tell them to schedule an appointment so you can give that feedback privately.

3. Disclaimers Are Your Friend

It’s a minefield trying to maintain the confidentiality of your patients. You can make it easier by adding disclaimers to your social media profile and any forum that you post to.

If you have a blog, include a disclaimer that allows people to know that you’re not giving out medical advice. And make sure you don’t give out medical advice!

The internet is a public venue where everyone has access to everything. If patients are posting comments, they should know that they could be posting private information to a public group of people. Let them know and you won’t have to worry about having any HIPPA investigators knocking on your door anytime soon.

4. Photos Can Cause Problems

Make sure you don’t include any patients in the photos you take and post on social media or in your marketing materials. If you imply that anyone but your staff or hired actors are patients at your MedSpa, you could be violating HIPAA requirements for privacy.

If you take any photos of patients, make sure you have permission before you publish anything. Just because you block out faces or only show a part of their body doesn’t guarantee their anonymity. Show respect for your clients and get them to sign a waiver.


5. Dispose of Trash Properly

If you have any personal information that goes in the trash, make sure that you secure your trash cans and that they’re picked up from a trusted disposal company. Some hospitals have shredding services or set aside a shredder for any patient information. Identity theft can happen just through poorly disposed of trash.

Even writing information on a notepad or sticky note could reveal sensitive information. Pick up a HIPAA compliant shredder and use it religiously. Train staff to get into the habit of using it too.

6. Keep Conversations Private

If you’re having conversations about any of your patients’ details, make sure they’re happening in the privacy of your office. Casually talking about patient services could give away more than you realize.

If someone sees another patient walking in and then hears details, they could be privy to information that is meant to be private. Don’t mention anything at the front desk. It’s disrespectful to your patients and shows a lack of professional with a disregard for HIPAA requirements.

Charts shouldn’t be left out in visible areas. If there is information, it should be hidden in an envelope, not marked with the name of the patient they pertain to.


7. Patient Lists Should Be Private

If you’ve got lists of your patients, people who are selling services or marketing for pharmaceutical companies might want that information.

Selling patient information is illegal. Recklessly allowing someone to get ahold of it has its consequences as well.

Learning How To Be HIPAA Compliant Takes Time

It could take some trial and error to get your office to become completely HIPAA compliant. While it might be second nature for staff to talk in the hallway, they might need to be trained to keep quiet about patients.

If you want to improve spa management to teach everyone how to be HIPAA compliant, check out our guide to management tricks.